Woonhak, the youngest member of the burgeoning K-pop sensation BOYNEXTDOOR, has taken on a new role that marks a significant milestone in his career. The talented artist has been appointed as a new MC for SBS’s renowned music show, Inkigayo, delighting fans and industry insiders alike. This development follows the departure of its current MCs, Kim Ji Eun and MONSTA X’s Hyungwon.

The news of Woonhak‘s appointment as an MC for Inkigayo was a pleasant surprise for his fans. He joins esteemed actress Park Ji Hu and TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s Yeonjun, who is returning to the show. His appointment makes him the youngest MC in Inkigayo history.

Inkigayo has a special place among South Korea’s most popular music shows, featuring electrifying performances from various K-pop artists every week. An MC’s role on the show is important, as they introduce performers and interact with the artists and audience. Woonhak‘s new position as an MC is an excellent opportunity to showcase his charms and forge deeper connections with fans.

Woonhak, Inkigayo’s golden maknae

However, Woonhak‘s debut as an Inkigayo MC was met with some negative comments from several fans who took issue with the show calling him the “golden maknae,” a title commonly associated with BTS‘s Jungkook. Fortunately, some of his fans stepped up to defend him.

Despite the criticism, he remains grateful and humbled by the experience. He posted on Weverse to thank Inkigayo‘s producers. He also name-checked his fellow MCs, members, and supporters.

Adding to the excitement, BOYNEXTDOOR recently confirmed plans for their first comeback. As per their agency, KOZ Entertainment, the group is preparing to release a new album in September. This much-anticipated comeback will be their first since their debut, and fans are eagerly awaiting more updates and teasers.

BOYNEXTDOOR‘s unique sound and style make them a group to watch. With Woonhak‘s successful debut as an MC for Inkigayo, the group’s presence in the K-pop scene continues to soar higher. As they make waves, fans can look forward to more exciting developments and groundbreaking material from this promising group. — K-pop News Writer

Featured Image: His agency celebrated his debut with photos. Source: Twitter/BOYNEXTDOOR’s official Twitter account.