BTS‘s Jungkook has captivated fans worldwide again with his dance practice video for “Seven.” The video, which showcases the exceptional teamwork between the South Korean star and his dancers, went viral, amassing millions of views and sparking widespread discussion among fans.

In the video, Jungkook and his dancers display a level of synergy rarely seen in K-pop. Their energy is palpable, and their movements are perfectly synchronized. This level of coordination and harmony is a testament to their dedication, hard work, talent, and admiration and respect for each other.

One of the dancers in the video, Brian Puspos, isn’t a newcomer to K-pop. He choreographed Jimin‘s solo song “Serendipity,” which appeared on the BTS albums Love Yourself: Her and Love Yourself: Answer. He also choreographed “My Time,” Jungkook’s solo song from Map of the Soul: 7. In 2017, Jungkook and Jimin performed Brian’s “Own It” choreography for a YouTube video. It has earned over 20 million views since then.

Brian’s portfolio extends beyond K-pop. He has worked with international artists like Chris Brown and Justin Bieber. He also teaches dance classes and performs in over 40 countries worldwide.

Brian thanks Jungkook

Brian expressed gratitude and admiration for Jungkook in a heartfelt Instagram post, thanking him for the experience of a lifetime. He wrote, “Thank you, JK, for this full circle experience. You’re a game-changer but, more importantly, a life-changer. I love your respect and care for everyone that shares the stage with you. I didn’t think we would align so much; it feels like we’ve been hanging out for years. Until next time! Enjoy all this love that you deserve!”

Fans have been quick to praise Jungkook and his crew for their performance. Many have admired Jungkook‘s dedication, humility, and teamwork. Others have noticed his growth and maturity since his debut, both as a performer and a person.

The dance practice video for “Seven” doesn’t just showcase Jungkook‘s skills. It’s also a testament to his humility and leadership. Despite being the star of the show, Jungkook never overshadows his crew. Instead, he seamlessly blends in with Brian and the rest to create a harmonious performance that’s emotionally resonant and both visually stunning. —K-pop News Writer

Featured Image: Jungkook also filmed a performance video for his single. Source: YouTube/BTS’s official YouTube channel.