The recent statement released by iWill Media, the agency representing Yook Sungjae of BTOB, sheds light on the alarming trend of false information and privacy invasion targeting the talented actor and singer. Addressing the severity of the situation, the agency has taken a firm stance against these malicious acts and has vowed to pursue legal action against those responsible.

IWill Media Takes a Stand Against Privacy Invasion

With a surge in the dissemination of false information and privacy violations aimed at Yook Sungjae, iWill Media has recognized the urgent need to combat these incidents head-on. The agency is actively collecting evidence to support their legal actions and is determined not to turn a blind eye to these harmful practices any longer. By taking a proactive approach, iWill Media aims to protect the reputation and well-being of their artist while sending a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated.

In addition to their legal efforts, iWill Media has called upon fans to assist in their mission by reporting any instances of malicious content encountered online. By leveraging the collective power of fandom, the agency hopes to identify and address harmful posts or comments swiftly and effectively. This collaborative approach also underscores the importance of community involvement in safeguarding the rights and dignity of public figures like Yook Sungjae.

Yook Sungjae’s impressive career trajectory, spanning both music and acting, has earned him a dedicated fan base and widespread acclaim. From his debut with BTOB to his notable roles in television dramas, Sungjae has consistently showcased his versatility and talent. With his recent exclusive contract signing with iWill Media, anticipation for his future projects is at an all-time high, further emphasizing the importance of protecting his image and privacy from unwarranted attacks.

As iWill Media remains steadfast in their commitment to defending Yook Sungjae against false information and privacy breaches, fans can rest assured that their beloved artist is in capable hands. By standing united against malicious behavior, both the agency and fans alike are working towards creating a safer and more respectful online environment for all.