After a hiatus of one year and six months, DKZ (Giseok, Jaechan, Jonghyung, Mingyu, and Sehyun) is back with their second mini-album REBOOT. The Dongyo Entertainment boy group celebrated their return with a media showcase held at the Ilji Art Hall in Gangnam, Seoul. At the event, DKZ premiered “Like a Movie” off the new EP. The members’ excitement and joy was written all over their faces as they danced and sang.

Jonghyung said the group is very excited about this comeback. “It’s a fresh start for us after one and a half years. The five of us have become more unified, and we want to show that we’ve become one. Through this comeback, we want to give off a vibe that makes people wonder, ‘DKZ can do this kind of music too?’ Our goal is to rekindle curiosity about who DKZ is. We’ve thought a lot about the image the five of us can portray. We’ve discussed our worries, challenges, and goals, and prepared with a mindset to show our growth.”

Giseok and Sehyun spoke about the group’s evolution since their last performance. “With the restructuring as a five-member group, we aimed to present a cooler image. Since it’s been a while since our last comeback, we wanted to show something impressive, so we practiced a lot more.”

The title track “Like a Movie” is a “band-style” song with dreamy electric guitar and drum beats. DKZ worked with LEGOLABEL, known for their innovative work on other projects, to come up with the choreography for this track. Their collaboration produced smooth moves that make good use of the members’ charms when they perform “Like a Movie.”

[ENG/Full ver.] 디케이지 DKZ ‘Like a Movie'(라이크 어 무비) Showcase 쇼케이스 풀영상

The strength of DKZ

Jonghyung and Mingyu highlighted the uniqueness of their music. “These days, you can easily find a variety of music, but our title track combines powerful high notes and an exciting sound with simple choreography, which we consider our strength. Our team doesn’t have fixed positions. We aim to maximize each member’s potential and showcase that.”

Jaechan got into the preparation process for the album. “Actually, we prepared this album a bit hastily while juggling solo activities. Despite that, we managed to sync well as a group. The strength of DKZ lies in these five members. There are many cool and talented groups out there, but if we can show what’s unique about DKZ, we can convey a different charm. We hope for lots of interest and love. Personally, I think the satisfaction level is 99%. The remaining 1% we’ll strive to fulfill in our next album.”

As for their goals, Sehyun mentioned, “We want to enter the Top 100 on music charts. But even if we don’t make it into the Top 100, we know many fans love and listen to our music, which we’re truly grateful for. It’s just that charting in the Top 100 would give us more opportunities to reach more people with our music.”

REBOOT also includes tracks like “We’re Together,” “Special Day,” “The Most Beautiful in the World,” and “Our Tomorrow,” and was released on the afternoon of the 12th. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: We’re rooting for this cool, talented quintet. Source: X/@KpopperFanmulti.