Kai is getting his wish to see his fans before he enlists in military service. The EXO main dancer celebrated after successfully convincing SM Entertainment to organize a rush fan meeting. The event will be held before Kim Jong-in’s mandatory military service enlistment next week.

SM Entertainment Announces Special Fan Meeting Ahead of Kai’s Military Enlistment

SM Entertainment shared the announcement regarding the special event.

“We are writing to send out a notice that we have prepared a place on Tuesday, May 9 at 7PM at YES24 Live Hall for Kai and EXO-L,” the announcement read. It also confirmed that the intimate event is free but only available for selected fans. However, those who are unable to attend in person can watch the fan meeting online.

“As it is a small place, the event will be free and only EXO-L ACE III and EXO-L ACE II are able to pre-register,” it read. “For fans that are not able to come to the venue, it will be broadcast live on EXO’s Youtube Channel.”

The special fan meeting is not a surprise for EXO-Ls since Kai had shared his intentions with his fans. The EXO member previously confirmed he will “blackmail” his own company to allow him to hold an emergency fan meeting. Kim Jongin later celebrated on his fan community after successfully forcing SM Entertainment to organize the event.

“I succeeded,” he told his fans. “All I had to do was frown a little.”

Kai had previously expressed his disappointment about having to enlist for military service. He explained that he wasn’t sad about serving his country. Instead, he had been looking forward to showing his fans his plans for EXO’s comeback.

“There’s so much that I had prepared. What a pity. That’s what’s upsetting. There’s nothing that I could do about this,” Kai said.

Kai will begin his enlistment on May 11, 2023. The special fan meeting will be held on May 9, 2023.