EXO’s discography is one of the largest and most diverse in K-pop today. In the last 10 years, the group has released seven studio albums (six Korean and one Japanese), five repackaged albums, seven extended plays (EPs), and four live albums. The group’s subunits, EXO-CBX and EXO-SC, have also released their own full albums and EPs. 

Adding to the group’s already rich collection of music are each of the members’ solos. All of the members have at least one solo single, and some have also sung in K-drama official soundtracks (OSTs). Fans and casual listeners will have hours upon hours’ worth of music to listen to from one of the top 3rd generation K-pop groups.   

While we all wait for EXO to make a full group comeback, here are some of the members’ amazing solo releases to keep in rotation. 

Hurdle – Suho


Hurdle is the second single off leader Suho’s sophomore album Grey Suit. Suho’s solo work so far has shown off his preference for the rock genre. While his album’s title track (also called Grey Suit) was more of a soft, rock ballad, Hurdle went off in a completely different direction. Suho has fully unleashed his inner rock star with Hurdle’s edgy, newtro-vibe style! 

In the song, Suho trills about feeling stuck and wanting to jump love’s hurdles, as he tries to navigate the uncertainties in a new (?) relationship. The verses build up to an anthemic chorus and an energetic climax that, overall, makes the song more fun and memorable. In contrast, the music video depicts Suho as trapped in a 9-to-5 office job. His “hurdles” here were trying to fit in at the workplace and dealing with a difficult boss. In the end, it seems Suho was able to leap over the obstacles he’s faced and was now able to join in on the office party. 

As you listen to the song, you can’t help but bob your head to the funky beat. Its upbeat tempo makes it a great addition to a road trip playlist. 

Peaches – Kai

Kai has got the mix of innocent and seductive down to an exact science. After giving fans hot and sexy Kai in Mmmh</u?, EXO’s main dancer did a complete 180 and served up sweet and mellow Kai in Peaches

The melody, which features a sampling of traditional Korean instruments, is soft, smooth and laid-back. Kai’s soft vocals in Peaches prove to be easy on the ears. His tone is light, airy, and “pretty.” It’s a nice song to listen to on a relaxed afternoon indoors. The track’s flavor changes, though, when you see the lyrics; it’s where you realize that the singer expertly treads the line between sweet and sensual. Kai opens the song crooning, Pretty girl you’re like peaches, and then singing Feels good to be the bad guy just seconds later. 

However, it is in the music video where Kai shines the most. Set against a fairy tale-like forest filled with peach trees, which later transition into what seems to be a palace, Kai entices viewers with his performance. He switches from endearing to flirtatious by alternating sharp and soft movements in choreography, and through his interactions with his back dancers. His outfits, which are modern interpretations of the hanbok, only add to the overall pretty aesthetic of this sophomore outing. 

Rose – D.O. 


D.O. is now a successful drama and movie actor, which sometimes makes it easy to forget his idol roots. But in his first mini-album Empathy (released in 2021), he reminds everyone that he’s also a really talented singer. 

His rich vocals on an acoustic guitar melody in Rose is a pleasure to listen to. In an interview on Soompi, D.O. admits that he liked the sound of the acoustic guitar. It’s the sound he felt “comfortable” listening to, and felt strongly enough to incorporate in his first solo mini-album. This type of music is a departure from the powerful runs and energetic adlibs he showcases on EXO’s tracks, but hearing his sweet, soft side in Rose proves to be refreshing. 

The song itself is simple, which allows listeners to immerse themselves fully in D.O.’s voice. The lyrics depict the pure joy that comes with feeling in love, and how the singer appreciates his lover—such as when he confesses, You’re prettier than a rose. The melody is light and feel-good; it gives off a cheerful vibe perfect for casual strolls in a park. It can also bring comfort to listeners who want to wind down and chill at the end of a long day.

In the music video, D.O. mirrors the lyrics as he sings about his lover while he rides his bike around town, oblivious to the disasters that he successfully—and miraculously—dodges. Throughout the music video, he portrays how being in love automatically puts him in a great mood, and even gives him good luck. 

Bambi – Baekhyun 

Baekhyun made sure to give EXO-Ls something to put on repeat while he’s fulfilling his mandatory military service as a public service officer. The genius idol dropped Bambi, which is the title track of his third mini-album of the same name, just before he enlisted back in 2021. 

The idol trades his cheeky and goofy persona for something smooth and sultry in this R&B song. Here, Baekhyun expresses his adoration for “Bambi,” and compares time spent with her as a fairytale that he doesn’t want to end.  

In the press conference for the mini album, the idol has mentioned that his latest release represented his transition from a boy to a young adult. With this, he hoped to portray his maturity in his music as he steps into his 30s. 

The accompanying music video is very film noir-like, which adds to the sensual appeal of the song. Clad in a smart black suit and a fedora hat, a mysterious Baekhyun takes viewers on a train journey in the middle of the night in pouring rain. The image clearly illustrated the other meaning of “Bambi” in the song, one that used Korean wordplay— (bam) means “night,” while 비(bi) means “rain.” 

Baekhyun was discharged from service on February 5, 2023. So we can expect more music from him (and EXO) soon! 

Last Scene – Chen 


Chen has released tons of heart-rending ballads, such as Beautiful Goodbye and Hello. After an almost three-year hiatus following his enlistment, marriage to a non-celebrity, and fatherhood, the singer resumes his solo promotions.   

For the lead single in his third mini album Last Scene, EXO’s main vocalist sings about the dying days of a relationship. In this track, Chen’s voice sounds fuller, and his tone deeper and more mature. Chen effectively voices out the longing and despair of someone who’s having a hard time letting go after a breakup. The lyrics only make the feeling of heartbreak more tangible, especially in the following lines: I used to believe in forever / All fade away / Only longing remains

This song—and the accompanying K-drama-like music video—serves up all the feels. Chen isn’t actually in the music video; the story between former lovers takes center stage instead. The music video opens with actor Park Hae Soo (Squid Game, Money Heist: Korea) sitting in a car, looking despondent. Between shots of the actor driving are scenes of a woman walking at a beach, looking just as sad. Soon, Park Hae Soo arrives at the same place—perhaps hoping to see the woman once more?—but all he sees is an empty stretch of beach.  

Tomorrow – Chanyeol 


Just before Chanyeol enlisted back in 2021, he gifted fans with the SM Station single Tomorrow. In a refreshing departure from his main rapper role, Chanyeol showcases his warm and deep vocals as he sings about his honest feelings from anxiousness to hope. 

There is something about pre-enlistment singles that makes an idol’s music release all the more beautiful. The song is pretty calming; it’s a great track to listen to while winding down after a long day. The production is simple and raw; only an electric guitar accompanies Chanyeol’s soft vocals for this song. 

The music video is equally minimalistic. Chanyeol, in a simple gray hoodie, goes around an empty city on foot in the middle of the night. He seems to be looking for something, and at the end of the video, he looks off into the distance, perhaps finally finding what he was searching for. 

Chanyeol was officially discharged from active service in September 2022.  

Jiu – Lay


EXO’s only Chinese member, Lay, has carved a successful career for himself in his home country. As a solo artist, Lay brilliantly incorporates Chinese culture in his music and music videos. He has mixed the traditional and contemporary, as well as history and folklore, in his epic MV for Lit. He also perfectly incorporated elements of East and West in his MV for Veil, his most recent release. 

In the sweet and sentimental Jiu, however, Lay reminds us that EXO is nine—that he is, and will always be, a part of the group. Lay released this special track on April 8, 2022, which is EXO’s 10th debut anniversary. The song starts off with snippets of random conversations Lay has had with each of his bandmates, which show off their affection for one another. 

In the first verse, Lay has written in each of the members’ superpowers in the group’s concept/storyline. As the song progresses, Lay continues to sing about being thankful to his members, who he’s been with for the last decade. He has also expressed his faith that EXO will stay together for a long time. 

This song clearly shows that Lay maintains a strong bond with his brothers, despite not being able to join every comeback since 2017. With this song release (and Lay’s more recent trips to South Korea), all of EXO-L‘s hearts are filled with hope for a full OT9 comeback soon. 

On Me – Sehun 

EXO’s maknae lives it up in his solo song On Me, from EXO-SC’s 1 Billion Views album. 

On Me is Sehun’s first official solo track. It leans heavily on hip-hop, which, when partnered with Sehun’s husky low tone, gives off a depth, energy, and intensity that makes it even more appealing. Sehun also co-wrote the lyrics, which talk about working hard and living your best life. It’s the perfect song to hype you up, and would be a great addition to your workout playlist. 

The music video is heavy on choreography—very fitting, as the maknae is part of EXO’s dance line—and showcases Sehun’s sharp lines and flawless dance moves. There’s even a cameo of his adorable pup, Vivi! 

The only bad thing about the music video version is that it’s too short—it didn’t even hit the 2-minute mark. The full audio version clocks in at almost three minutes. This song gives fans a taste of Sehun as a solo artist, and it just raises anticipation for more solo work in the future! 

Brand New – Xiumin 

EXO’s oldest hyung is the latest member to go solo. Brand New is the lead single off his debut album of the same name. Here, Xiumin shows everyone his “new self.” With lyrics that go, Feelin’ reborn into these brand new days / Start a fresh take without any cliché / A new me feeling different even to myself, the song describes how every day is a new start. It is also just like opening a gift to find a nice surprise. 

The song is a catchy and energetic dance track with a dash of the ‘90s sound. As one of EXO’s lead vocals, Xiumin’s voice shines in this song. But what might come as a surprise to many is the idol’s vocal range. Xiumin is EXO’s hidden high note belter, and he shows off his perfect high notes especially in the bridge. 

In the press conference for his album release, Xiumin described his solo debut as a “gift” he wanted to give to the fans who have waited for him while he served his country. The concept is clearly shown in the bright and colorful music video, where the idol is both the person who delivers the gift and is the gift himself. 

It is impressive that all the EXO members have added their own songs to the group’s rich discography, and listening to their solo work further drives up anticipation for the next group comeback—which looks to be happening soon! On new year’s day, leader Suho revealed on an Instagram post that EXO will be making their much-anticipated comeback this year. 

Which one among the members’ solo songs is your favorite? Also, are you excited for EXO’s comeback this year? 

Featured Image: Still of Chen from “Last Scene” from EXO Official Twitter.