Brace yourselves, NCTzens because actor Jaehyun is back! Jeong Jaehyun, known as a multitalented member of the boy group NCT, is now making his big screen debut with the film You Will Die After Six Hours

In the movie, the K-pop idol will be starring alongside Extracurricular actress Park Ju Hyun. 

In its first released still, Jaehyun and Ju Hyun showed a glimpse of the film’s mysterious and thrilling ambiance. As seen in the photo, Ju Hyun is seated on the floor while Jaehyun is gripping her arms. Moreover, both actors are seen looking at something over the distance.

More about ‘You Will Die After Six Hours

For those unaware, the said film is based on a Japanese novel by the renowned writer Takano Kazuaki. According to reports, the mystery-thriller film will revolve around a series of unprecedented events with the characters attempting to escape their miserable fate.

In the film, Jaehyun will portray the character of Jun-Woo, a man who possesses the ability to foresee the future and predict death. Meanwhile,  Ju Hyun will take on the role of Jung Yoon, who finds herself receiving a death notice.

Furthermore, as confirmed by South Korean media outlets, You Will Die After Six Hours will be screened at the Berlin Festival in February. It is also slated for release in the second half of the year via domestic platforms.

Fans’ excitement for actor-idol Jaehyun

Notably, the film will serve as Jaehyun’s comeback as an actor. In 2022, the singer starred as the male lead in his first ever drama Dear M.

Upon the confirmation of Jaehyun’s first film, fans, especially NCT’s fanbase NCTzens, brought their excitement on social media. 

Some fans pointed out that You Will Die After Six Hours being screened at the Berlin Film Festival is a huge achievement as it is considered one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world. “Actor Jaehyun’s big screen debut is crazy… So proud of him.”, one wrote.

Aside from his film debut, 2024 is even looking more promising for Jaehyun.  To specify, his drama Dear  M is reported to air  on KBS2 sometime this year. Although there are no confirmations yet, fans are already anticipating its TV release as it was only available on global streaming platforms when it first came out.

Moreover, NCTzens are also looking forward to Jaehyun’s solo debut. While there are no official announcements yet, fans are saying that the “Try Again singer has been consistently dropping hints about dropping new music.

Aside from his solo career, Jaehyun is also soaring to great heights with his team, NCT127. As of writing, the Fact Check hitmakers are in the midst of their third concert tour The Unity.

Featured image: Movie ‘You Will Die After Six Hours’ releases its first still. Credit: Twitter/K-Drama Scene