Fandom hug, AROHAs! January 26, 2024 became an emotional day for fans of K-pop group ASTRO as it marked the first birthday of Moon Bin since his passing. The late singer was supposed to turn 26 years old. 

As a way of honoring his memories, his fellow ASTRO members all crafted their respective posts to reminisce their moments with Moon Bin. 

On ASTRO’s official X account, MJ, the eldest member, greeted the late star with a sweet message and some photos. “Our Bin~ Happy Birthday. I love you and I miss you my younger brother,” he wrote. 

Meanwhile, the group’s leader, JinJin, also shared his greetings on the social media platform. In his heartwarming caption, JinJin said that he should have taken more pictures with the late singer. “You should have a happier day than anyone else. I love you, my little brother,” the singer said as he ended his post.

Special covers from ASTRO members

Aside from sweet messages, Eun Woo and Sanha also prepared song covers dedicated to Moon Bin.

As for Eun Woo, he commemorated his late friend’s day by performing a cover of SLANDER’s “Love is Gone.” Shared through his Youtube channel, Eun Woo emotionally sang the song while playing the piano. 

Moreover, Eun Woo’s rendition of the said track was even made more sentimental with his personal letter for Bin. In his message, the idol-actor shared that he gets strength from remembering Bin. “Whenever I think of you, I work harder. Whenever I want to see you again and have a difficult time, I steady my heart,” he wrote.

Lastly, Sanha, the group’s youngest member and Bin’s partner in the ASTRO sub-unit, shared a wistful cover of JAURIM’s “25, 21.” Putting his heart into the song, Sanha changed the lyrics to “26, 24” to signify Bin and his current ages.

In the tribute video, Sanha also relayed his birthday greeting to the departed idol. Addressing his hyung, the idol wrote: “You know this song right? I really wish you a happy birthday. You might not like it but it’s my gift. I’ll be looking forward to my birthday gift too.”

More greetings from Moon Bins friends

Aside from the ASTRO members, Moon Bin’s other friends in the entertainment industry also celebrated his birthday in their respective ways. Several of Bin’s friends, who are fondly called as 98z-line, shared their greetings on social media.

To note, the 98-liners friend group is composed of SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan, VIVIZ members SinB and Umji, ex-UNI.T member Suji, and IMFACT’s Ungjae paid. All of them paid tribute to Bin by celebrating his birthday together with the group’s photo on his cake.

Moreover, SEVENTEEN’s Woozi also dedicated the release of his solo track “What Kind of Future” to the late idol. To recall, the producer has previously promised that he will release the song on Bin’s birthday. According to Woozi, the ASTRO member was fond of the said track. 

As dedications for Moon Bin poured on social media during his birthday, fans were moved at how loved and remembered the idol was. Moreover, several fans also expressed their gratitude and appreciation to the idols for sharing their memories with Moon Bin.

Featured image: ASTRO members took to social media to commemorate the birthday of late Moon Bin. Credit: Twitter/ASTRO