Recent rumors circulating about BLACKPINK’s Jisoo signing an exclusive contract with content creation company Galaxy Corporation have been firmly denied by the company. While there were speculations regarding Jisoo’s potential move to a new agency following reports that YG Entertainment failed to secure solo contracts with BLACKPINK members, Galaxy Corporation has refuted all such claims.

Galaxy Corporation Breaks Silence on Reports of Signing BLACKPINK’s Jisoo for Individual Activities

Responding to media inquiries, Galaxy Corporation explicitly denied any exclusive contract with Jisoo and clarified that there were no developments in the process of obtaining a contract with the BLACKPINK member. The company also emphasized the need for accuracy in reporting and addressed the inquiries from various sources attempting to verify the alleged signing.

“We’ve been receiving many calls about that. But that’s not true. If anything like that happens, we’ll let you know,” the agency stated.

The clarification comes amidst a dynamic landscape in the K-pop industry where artists, particularly those from successful groups, explore opportunities with new agencies or establish personal labels for individual activities. However, in Jisoo’s case, the denied rumors also signal that no official contract has been signed with Galaxy Corporation at the current moment.

YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK’s management agency, has officially confirmed that the members will sign exclusively for group activities and promotions with the company, maintaining a collective framework for BLACKPINK. While the group remains under YG Entertainment for collaborative efforts, the members, including Jisoo, also have the potential to pursue individual projects within that framework.

As the industry continues to witness shifts in contractual structures, agency affiliations, and solo pursuits, fans will await further updates on Jisoo’s individual endeavors and the collective journey of BLACKPINK. The dynamic nature of K-pop also allows artists to navigate diverse opportunities while contributing to both group and personal successes.