Buckle up, K-drama fans! South Korean stars IU and Bo Gum will soon be appearing in a series together! On January 30, Netflix confirmed that singer-actress IU and renowned actor Park Bo Gum will be teaming up for the upcoming romance drama When Life Gives You Tangerines.

According to Netflix, the series will follow the story of Ae Sun (IU), an unyielding rebel and Gwan Sik (Bo Gum), a reliable guy who’s been keeping feelings for Ae Sun since childhood. Set in Jeju Island, the drama’s title is a play on the Jeju dialect which literally translates to “Thank You for Your Hard Work.” 

Aside from the appealing storyline, fans are also excited to see the chemistry between the two stars. Since both of them are known to have made several hit dramas, supporters are looking forward to seeing them in one project. 

To note, IU, whose real name is Lee Ji Eun, is considered as one of the most esteemed lead actresses in the industry. Aside from her astonishing career as a singer, her stellar performances as an artist also extends to film.

Some of her most notable works include Scarlet Heart Ryeo and My Mister. Meanwhile, When Life Gives You Tangerines will also be IU’s comeback drama after Hotel del Luna, which was released way back in 2019.

On the other hand, Park Bo Gum has established himself as one of the highly admired actors of his generation. Among his works that gained him popularity are the hit dramas Reply 1988, Encounter, and Record of Youth

What we know so far about ‘When Life Gives You Tangerines’

In the series, the older versions of the two lead characters will later be played by veteran actors Moon So Ri  and Park Hae Joon. To note, Moon is known for her role in The Queenmaker while Park starred in The World of the Married.

Moreover, the upcoming romance drama will be helmed by the experienced director Kim Won Seok. His filmography includes Misaeng, Signal, and My Mister, where he first worked with IU.

Furthermore, director Kim will work alongside writer Lim Sang Chun. To note, Lim previously made the hits Fight for My Way and When the Camellia Blooms

Although there is no official date yet, When Life Gives You Tangerines  is expected to premiere on Netflix this 2024.

Featured image: IU and Park Bo Gum will headline a new Netflix drama. Credit: Twitter/Netflix