The songwriter behind IU’s greatest songs has finally addressed the recent plagiarism allegations. Lee Min Soo spoke up against the accusations against the songs “Good Day” and “The Red Shoes”.

IU Songwriter Lee Min Soo Addresses Plagiarism Accusations

On May 10, a Korean citizen filed a lawsuit alleging that IU plagiarized the works of other artists. The suit claimed that the “Blueming” singer had plagiarized a total of six songs. Since then, IU’s agency EDAM Entertainment has denied the allegations and the company is planning to pursue legal action.

But what does the songwriter behind the songs have to say about the accusations? Lee Min Soo, who worked on “The Red Shoes” and “Good Day”, addressed the allegations in an Instagram post.

My heart is heavy that my first greeting after a long time is the start of such a difficult topic,” Lee wrote. “Yesterday afternoon, I read an article that ‘Good Day’ and ‘The Red Shoes,’ IU’s two songs that I wrote, were being accused of plagiarism.”

Lee continued, “I refuted the issue of ‘The Red Shoes’ through a press release when it was released in 2013 and have refrained from commenting further as it would be pointless. However, due to the recent criticism beyond reason towards the artist, I am carefully leaving this message.”

I didn’t reference or have anyone else’s songs in mind when working on ‘Good Day’ and ‘The Red Shoes’,” Lee added. The post also expressed concern for IU and her fans.

“As the songwriter of ‘Good Day’ and ‘The Red Shoes,’ I hope this does not leave a scar on anyone’s heart, especially on IU’s heart and the hearts of those who love IU,” Lee concluded.

‘BBIBBI’ Composer Hits Back At Plagiarism Claims

Lee Jong Hoon, who wrote “BBIBBI”, also spoke up on the recent plagiarism accusations. The composer pointed out that the accuser should have targeted him instead of IU. Lee also stated that the artists of the plagiarized songs are the only ones who can make such allegations.

“Lastly, I did not plagiarize any other work while working on ‘BBIBBI’,” Lee wrote. “After listening to the ‘various’ songs in YouTube videos that ‘claim’ similarities, aside from the genre characteristics of hip hop/r&b, I was instead able to confirm differences and individuality in a lot of aspects, from chord progression, song structure, instrument arrangement, and more.”

IU’s latest film “Dream” also stars Park Seo Joon. The movie has been topping the Korean box office since its release in April.