BTS’s Jungkook has returned to Instagram in an unexpected yet endearing fashion. Last year, to the dismay of ARMYs worldwide, he deactivated his personal Instagram account. However, he recently announced on Weverse that he had signed up for a new account—not for himself, but to showcase his beloved dog. 

BTS fans first met Jungkook’s doberman, Bam, during season two of the reality show In The SOOP. Bam was introduced as a new member of Jungkook’s family in the series, which premiered on October 15, 2021.

Jungkook and Bam Moments – BTS In The SOOP 2 EP 1

With the handle @bowwow_bam, the account describes Jungkook as “Bam’s dad” in the bio. It also features a cute, playful pun, “Have a good BAM,” which cleverly uses the Korean word “bam.” This word means “night” and is written as “밤” in Hangul. Jungkook’s new Instagram account offers fans a glimpse into his interactions with Bam, shedding light on a more personal side of BTS’s youngest member.

Bam is so adorable that he became an instant star on the platform. Since its inception, Bam’s Instagram has amassed over 900,000 followers in less than a day. The account has seven posts to date, all of which show Bam either posing like a model or proving that he’s just as athletic as his dad. ARMYs couldn’t help but gush about Bam in the comments, with one calling him “a handsome kid” and saying Jungkook must be proud of him.


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Should Jungkook limit who can leave comments?

Sadly, not every comment is that nice or polite. While many enjoy being able to communicate with Jungkook indirectly through Bam, others have used the comments section to press the BTS member to issue statements on global issues. Some want him to speak up about the Israel-Palestine conflict, specifically regarding HYBE Labels’ ties to music executive Scooter Braun, who has been accused of Zionism. Others have left awful comments, which contrast sharply with the wholesome content of Bam’s posts.

This prompted fans to suggest that Jungkook adjust the settings of Bam’s Instagram account to limit who can comment on his posts. That’s what the other BTS members did with their accounts; they only allow people they follow to leave comments on their photos and videos.

But overall, the response to Bam’s presence on Instagram is largely positive. ARMYs are hoping that the awful comments won’t turn Jungkook (and Bam) off the platform entirely. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: The BTS maknae clearly has so much love for Bam. Source: Pinterest.