Key’s visit to BOYNEXTDOOR’s dorm and his observations about their clothing choices provide a fascinating insight into the evolution of K-pop culture, particularly regarding the presentation of an iconic dance practice video.

Key Reveals The Truth Behind Iconic SHINee Dance Practice Video

As Key reminisced about SHINee’s early days and the casual attire they wore during dance practice sessions, he highlighted a significant shift in the industry’s approach to these videos. In the past, K-pop groups like SHINee didn’t prioritize their appearance during practice sessions, assuming these videos would remain internal and not be released to the public. The focus was solely on perfecting their choreography rather than on their overall look.

Key’s mention of SHINee’s iconic “Lucifer” dance practice video illustrates this point perfectly. The video, now celebrated as a classic among K-pop fans, showcases the group’s exceptional dancing skills but lacks the polished appearance commonly seen in today’s practice videos. Key humorously admits that if they had known the video would be made public, they would have dressed differently and paid more attention to their appearance, including wearing makeup.

However, despite their initial casual approach, SHINee inadvertently set a new standard for the industry. The success and popularity of their practice videos also prompted their company to recognize the value of these informal glimpses into the group’s rehearsal process. Consequently, there was a shift towards producing higher-quality practice videos with better production values, including improved camera work, lighting, and overall presentation.

Key’s visit to BOYNEXTDOOR’s dorm serves as a reminder of the humble beginnings of K-pop practice videos and the unintended influence that groups like SHINee had on shaping industry norms. Today, releasing polished and professionally-produced practice videos is also a standard practice for K-pop groups, thanks in part to the inadvertent influence of early videos like SHINee’s “Lucifer.”