Kwon Eunbi has finally opened up about rumors that she is dating a “Single’s Inferno” star. The “Flash” singer has addressed speculations about her relationship with Kim Jin Young, surprising fans as she debunks the news.

Kwon Eun Bi Debunks Dex Dating Rumors

Soloist Kwon Eunbi recently made an appearance on MBC’s “Radio Star” where she discussed her friendship with Kim Jin Young, also known as Dex. The two same-age stars gained attention for their natural on-screen chemistry after appearing together on various variety programs, sparking dating speculations among netizens.

Addressing the dating rumors, Kwon Eunbi clarified that they are “just good friends.” She added a humorous touch by mentioning that she had seen Dex flirting with guests on a different variety program, emphasizing their platonic relationship. The playful banter between the two friends has caught the attention of fans, leading to numerous articles in Korean media.

When asked about her ideal type on “Radio Star,” Kwon Eunbi revealed that she prefers someone cute with a “tofu-like image.” The surprising twist came when she mentioned that actor Song Joong Ki fits the description of her ideal type.

The revelation about Song Joong Ki as her ideal type added an interesting element to the conversation, intriguing the hosts and fans alike. Kwon Eunbi’s candid and lighthearted approach to discussing her friendships and ideal type showcased her humorous personality and further endeared her to the audience.

As Kwon Eunbi navigates her career in the entertainment industry, her appearances on popular variety shows like “Radio Star” provide fans with glimpses into her personality and preferences. The playful dynamics between her and Dex, coupled with her unexpected ideal type choice, contribute to the ongoing excitement surrounding her public persona.

Fans can anticipate more entertaining moments and candid revelations from Kwon Eunbi as she continues to engage with audiences through various media appearances and showcases her multifaceted charm beyond her musical endeavors.