Jung Jinyoung is now officially in discussions to join TWICE’s Dahyun in the highly anticipated Korean adaptation of the beloved Taiwanese coming-of-age romance film “You Are the Apple of My Eye.”

TWICE Member Dahyun and Jung Jinyoung In Talks for ‘You Are The Apple of My Eye’ Korean Remake

The exciting development was reported on May 13 by Xportsnews, which revealed that both Jinyoung and Dahyun had been cast for the lead roles in this new adaptation.

In response to the report, a representative from Jinyoung’s side confirmed on May 14, “Jinyoung has received an offer to star in the project and is positively reviewing it.” This statement has fueled anticipation among fans who are eager to see Jinyoung return to the big screen.

What is The Movie About?

“You Are the Apple of My Eye,” originally a popular Taiwanese romance film, follows the heartwarming and often humorous journey of high school troublemaker Ko Ching Teng (portrayed by Chen Tung Ko) and model student Shen Chia Yi (played by Michelle Chen). The story spans from their teenage years to 15 years later, exploring themes of young love, personal growth, and the bittersweet passage of time.

In the Korean adaptation, Dahyun is in talks to portray the female lead, Seon Ah, who corresponds to Shen Chia Yi’s character from the original film. Dahyun’s potential involvement has already generated significant buzz, given her popularity as a member of the internationally acclaimed girl group TWICE.

Jinyoung, known for his acting prowess and musical talents, has been offered the role of Jin Woo, the equivalent of Ko Ching Teng’s character. If Jinyoung accepts the role, this project will mark his first return to the big screen in five years, following his performance in the 2019 film “The Dude in Me.” This potential casting has created a wave of excitement among his fans, who are eager to see him take on a new and challenging role.

A Welcome Remake

The Korean adaptation of “You Are the Apple of My Eye” promises to bring a fresh perspective to the beloved story, blending the charm of the original with the unique sensibilities of Korean cinema. Fans of the original film, as well as followers of Dahyun and Jinyoung, are eagerly awaiting more details about the project, including the final confirmation of the cast and the production schedule.

With both Dahyun and Jinyoung potentially leading the cast, the film is poised to be a significant entry in the coming-of-age romance genre. Their involvement also highlights the growing trend of popular K-pop idols transitioning into acting roles, bringing their wide-reaching influence and talent to the world of film. As discussions continue and anticipation builds, the Korean adaptation of “You Are the Apple of My Eye” is also set to be one of the most eagerly awaited projects in the upcoming year.