Lee Hyori is set to take on a new role as the MC for “The Seasons” Season 4. According to an announcement from KBS on December 18, the soloist will be taking over in the upcoming fourth season of the music talk show.

‘The Seasons’ Season 4 Will Introduce Lee Hyori as New Host

The news comes after the show’s previous hosts, Jay Park, Choi Jung Hoon of Jannabi, and AKMU, have each brought their unique perspectives to the program.

“The Seasons” stands out for its innovative approach, introducing a rotational hosting system where each season features different MCs, allowing for diverse and fresh perspectives. Lee Hyori, known for her candid and down-to-earth demeanor, is also expected to bring a unique charm to the show.

The acclaimed singer and entertainer has been a prominent figure in the Korean entertainment scene for years. Her return to the music industry through “The Seasons” Season 4 is also highly anticipated, offering fans a chance to connect with her experiences and insights accumulated over her illustrious career.

One notable aspect of Lee Hyori’s approach to collaborations in the music industry is her desire to explore diverse partnerships. In the past, she expressed a preference for collaborations with younger male artists, avoiding direct comparisons with girl groups. This choice also reflects her curiosity and openness to embracing different artistic realms, showcasing a willingness to push boundaries.

With the upcoming season of “The Seasons” set to premiere in January, fans can also look forward to engaging discussions, intimate stories, and a diverse array of guests, all hosted by Lee Hyori. Her role as the MC is also expected to bring a refreshing dynamic to the show, adding to the program’s reputation for providing an insightful look into the lives and careers of various musicians.

As Lee Hyori prepares to take the reins of “The Seasons,” audiences can also anticipate a blend of music, personal anecdotes, and meaningful conversations, making the show a must-watch for fans of Korean music and entertainment.