Four BTOB members have chosen a new agency to continue their group activities. Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Hyunsik, and Peniel have all decided to sign with a still-unnamed company.

BTOB Members Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Hyunsik, and Peniel Sign with Mysterious Agency

The development comes after BTOB’s 11-year exclusive contract with CUBE Entertainment expired. The members signed exclusive contracts with a newly established company, and details about the agency’s name and plans for BTOB’s activities will be disclosed in the future.

A representative for the agency confirmed the news.

“We plan to present the members being active in various fields in the future,” they said. “As the BTOB members have strong will to work as a full group, we will support them so that they can prioritize group activities.”

BTOB, a popular boy group, made their debut under CUBE Entertainment in 2012, gaining immense love and support for their musical releases, including hits like “Missing You,” “It’s Okay,” “Only One for Me,” and “Wind And Wish.” Over the years, they have become known for their versatility, showcasing a range of musical styles and talents.

BTOB Members Finding New Companies

This recent move follows the footsteps of fellow BTOB member Changsub, who signed an exclusive contract with Fantagio in November. With the addition of Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Hyunsik, and Peniel finding a new agency, Yook Sungjae is currently the remaining member whose future plans have yet to be decided.

The decision by these BTOB members to explore new opportunities with a different agency also marks a significant chapter in their careers. It highlights the members’ commitment to continuing their journey in the entertainment industry and pursuing new projects and endeavors together. Fans of BTOB eagerly await further details about the new agency and the group’s future activities, showing continued support for their beloved idols.

The evolution of boy groups within the K-pop industry often involves members exploring diverse paths while also maintaining a connection with their roots. BTOB’s decision to venture into new territory with a fresh agency also reflects the ongoing transformations within the dynamic world of K-pop, where artists continue to navigate their careers with resilience and creativity.