NANA, the multi-talented artist who has been associated with PLEDIS Entertainment since her debut with the girl group After School in 2009, has decided to extend her long-term partnership with the agency. This marks the fourth time NANA has chosen to renew her exclusive contract with PLEDIS Entertainment, showcasing the strong bond and trust that has developed over the past 14 years.

PLEDIS Entertainment Confirms NANA’s Contract Renewal

On December 1, PLEDIS Entertainment confirmed the contract renewal in a statement.

“We would like to inform you that NANA, currently active as a singer and actor under our management, has renewed her contract with the company,” it read. “Based on a relationship of mutual trust built over our long relationship since her debut, Nana has renewed her contract with our company for the fourth time.”

“Our company will continue to provide NANA with extensive support to help her thrive in a broad range of activities, including acting, and make more remarkable strides down the road. We ask all fans to show your unceasing love and support for NANA,” it concludes.

Known for her versatility, NANA has not only made a name for herself as a member of After School but has also ventured into acting, solidifying her position as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. Her journey as an actress began in 2016 with the drama “Good Wife” and since then, she has consistently showcased her talents through various productions.

NANA as an Actress

NANA’s acting prowess has been recognized in projects such as “Memorials”, “Oh My Ladylord”, “Glitch”, and more. Her recent role in the Netflix original series “Mask Girl” received acclaim, further establishing her as a versatile and skilled performer in the Korean entertainment landscape.

As NANA embarks on her newest project “My Man Is Cupid” scheduled to premiere on Prime Video on December 1, her decision to stay with PLEDIS Entertainment reflects a mutual commitment to continued success and growth. The agency has played a pivotal role in supporting NANA’s career, and this renewal signifies the ongoing collaboration between the artist and her agency.

NANA’s ability to navigate both the music and acting realms has contributed to her enduring popularity, and her decision to remain with PLEDIS Entertainment signals a shared vision for the future. Fans can anticipate more exciting projects and achievements from NANA as she continues to evolve and leave a lasting impact on the entertainment industry.