Oh Na Ra is set to take on a new and exciting role in the upcoming school drama “I Trust You.” The highly anticipated series has already made headlines when it was revealed that NCT member Jaehyun is considering an important role.

Oh Na Ra Joins Complex School Drama

The actress, known for her versatility and compelling performances, has officially been confirmed for the project and has already begun filming. The news was reported on May 20 and later corroborated by her agency, Management AM9.

“I Trust You” is a drama that explores themes of awakening and growth, focusing on the struggle of the weak against the strong. The storyline promises to delve into the complexities of social hierarchies and personal empowerment within the context of a school setting, making it a highly anticipated series for viewers interested in thought-provoking narratives.

Oh Na Ra will portray the character Oh Ji Hye, the mother of Yang Seo Jun. This character is expected to bring depth and emotional resonance to the story, particularly through her relationship with her son. Yang Seo Jun, the role offered to rising star Lee Chae Min, is a pivotal character whose journey will likely be central to the drama’s themes of resistance and personal growth.

What is ‘I Trust You’ About?

The cast of “I Trust You” is shaping up to be impressive. In addition to Oh Na Ra and potentially Lee Chae Min, the drama is set to feature prominent actors like Park Sung Woong, Jung Yi Seo, Kim Sun Young, and Yoon Kyung Ho. Each of these actors brings a wealth of experience and talent, promising dynamic interactions and strong performances that will enhance the drama’s narrative.

Oh Na Ra’s involvement in “I Trust You” also adds significant star power to the project. She has built a reputation for her ability to handle a wide range of roles with nuance and authenticity, making her a valuable addition to the cast. Her previous work has demonstrated her skill in portraying complex characters, and her role as Oh Ji Hye is also expected to be no different.

Fans and critics alike are also looking forward to seeing how “I Trust You” unfolds, especially with such a talented ensemble cast. The drama’s focus on fighting against oppression and finding one’s strength is also a compelling premise that resonates with many, and the performances of the cast will be crucial in bringing this story to life.

For now, it has not yet been confirmed whether Jaehyun will appear in the series. The NCT member has already completed work on an exciting new project.