Dawon is set to begin his mandatory military service this summer. The SF9 member has been confirmed for a July military enlistment date, as announced by his agency.

SF9 Member Dawon Announces July Military Enlistment

On May 21, FNC Entertainment made an official announcement through SF9’s fan cafe, sharing the details of his enlistment.

“Hello, this is FNC Entertainment. We want to share some news about SF9’s Dawon’s military enlistment. Dawon will join the military as an active duty soldier on July 1,” the statement began. The agency also emphasized that, to prevent overcrowding at the enlistment site, no official event will be held on the day of his enlistment. This decision aligns with common practice in South Korea, where public and media attention at military enlistments can also create logistical challenges and disrupt the privacy of the individuals enlisting.

FNC Entertainment further requested that fans respect Dawon’s privacy by refraining from visiting the enlistment site. “Since this is a private event for military personnel, we kindly request that fans refrain from visiting the site. We appreciate your cooperation,” the statement read. This request is made to ensure a smooth and respectful process for Dawon and other enlisting soldiers.

Preparing for The Future

The agency also expressed gratitude for the fans’ ongoing support and urged them to continue showing love and encouragement during Dawon’s service period. “We sincerely thank you for your love and support for SF9’s Dawon. Please continue to support him until he safely completes his service and returns in good health,” it read.

The announcement comes only a few weeks after the SF9 member completed his solo fan concert “2024 DA WON FAN MEETING: Chemistry” on April 28, 2024. Dawon will also be the third member of the idol group to enlist for military service following Jaeyoon, who enlisted back in March 2024.