During a recent episode of MBC’s Radio Star, actress Park Seulgi told a heartwarming story about actor Park Bogum. “I’ve been hosting Park Bogum’s fan meetings for a long time. After Bogum returned from the military, we finally had a fan meeting post-COVID for the first time in a while,” she began. “Bogum personally called me and asked, ‘Sunbae-nim, I’m having a fan meeting for the first time in a while in August, are you available?’ I gushed over how grateful I was that he thought of me amidst the rising stars like Jaejae and Yoo Jaepil, to which he replied, ‘Noona, you must join us. I really want you to be there.’ Wasn’t that touching?”


Park Seul-gi, “Park Bo-gum, get BTS Jimin’s autograph… It felt like my heart was melting” Heartwarming story (Radio Star) #JIMIN

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Why the gift was so meaningful

Park Seulgi continued by describing a gift the actor gave her. “During the two-day fan meeting, after the first day, the manager handed me a gift. Bogum always writes me a letter saying ‘Thank you, sunbae-nim, noona,’ and gives me a beautiful package of cosmetics he endorses as gifts for every fan meeting. There was also an album included. I assumed it was his since Bogum sings well, but it turned out to be BTS Jimin’s. I adore BTS, and he gave me Jimin’s signed CD. It felt like my heart was melting.”

The actress revealed why the gift was so meaningful. “Only my Instagram followers know how much I love BTS Jimin. It seems Bogum noticed that. My first child’s prenatal nickname was ‘Bangtan,’ showing how much I love BTS, and my second child’s was ‘Tantan.’ I was moved to tears when I received it. When I asked Bogum how he could have possibly given me such a gift, he said, ‘I really wanted to do this for you.’ I was thankful that Bogum remembered me and understood me so well.”


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Park Seulgi is a hardcore Jimin stan

This isn’t the first time Park Seulgi has openly expressed her admiration for BTS. In 2019, she went on KBS CoolFM’s Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show and joked about her deep affection for the group. “I really like BTS, and recently, I got married to Jimin in a dream,” she laughed. “I like him so much that he comes out in my dreams nowadays.”

DJ Park Myung-soo also shared that he has a lot of nightmares, but no actors or actresses would come out in his dreams because he “doesn’t have a particular interest in them.” Park Seul-gi’s story became a joke during the show, since she is already married to a producer at an advertising company.

The fact that Park Bogum remembered how much Park Seulgi loves Jimin and made the effort to get her a gift she’d really like showcases the depth of their friendship. It also exposes Bogum’s true nature, proving that he’s not just sweet and caring on-cam—he’s also that way in real life. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: Bogum’s thoughtful gesture left quite the impression on her. Source: Instagram/@parkseulgirowa.