Han So Hee’s recent Paris yelling incident at a party hosted by Boucheron has stirred up a storm of controversy and speculation among fans and netizens alike. The actress, who attended the event as a global ambassador for the luxury jewelry brand, found herself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons when a video capturing her outburst at an audience member began circulating online. Since then, her agency has issued a statement regarding the incident.

Han So Hee Involved in Paris Yelling Incident

In the viral clip, Han So Hee can be seen posing for photos at the star-studded event before suddenly losing her cool and yelling at someone off-camera to be quiet. The abruptness of her reaction, coupled with the contrasting shift from her poised demeanor to a moment of apparent frustration, has left many puzzled and intrigued by the circumstances surrounding the incident.

With the video quickly garnering widespread attention and accumulating thousands of views within a short span of time, speculation and rumors about the nature of Han So Hee’s outburst began to swirl on social media platforms.

Some netizens speculated that the actress may have been provoked or subjected to unwelcome behavior from the audience member, while others questioned her professionalism and composure in handling the situation.

What Happened in Paris?

In response to the growing controversy, Han So Hee’s agency issued a statement providing context and clarification regarding the incident. According to the agency, the actress’s outburst was a result of an unfortunate misunderstanding and miscommunication. They explained that Han So Hee was momentarily startled and agitated by unexpected noise from the audience member, prompting her instinctive reaction to request quiet.

“There was a very large crowd gathered at the Paris event. The staff on site were expressing concern over potential for safety accidents, so everyone was tense and showing caution. Of course there were Korean people present, but there were also locals, so communication was not smooth. All of the staff on site were yelling for everyone to be careful and listen to the staff in order for the event to be carried out smoothly with safety as the top priority.”

“The clip was cut to only show Han So Hee shouting [in the situation where everyone was yelling] and was uploaded. Han So Hee did not yell at a specific individual, and she is not the kind of person to do so. In a situation where everyone was shouting to be careful and listen to the staff regulating safety, Han So Hee was doing the same.”

The agency emphasized that Han So Hee’s actions were not intended to cause offense or disrespect, but rather stemmed from a momentary lapse in composure under unexpected circumstances. They expressed regret for any inconvenience or misunderstanding caused by the incident and reaffirmed Han So Hee’s commitment to maintaining professionalism and grace in all situations.

Despite the agency’s efforts to address the issue and provide clarity, the incident has continued to spark debate and discussion among fans and the public, underscoring the challenges and pressures faced by public figures in navigating high-profile events and maintaining composure under scrutiny. As the dust begins to settle on this episode, all eyes remain on Han So Hee as she navigates the complexities of fame and celebrity in the ever-watchful gaze of the public eye.