Wendy of Red Velvet and Eunseok of RIIZE are teaming up together to be the voices of the characters in the Korean version of the animated film Trolls: Band Together. 

On Monday, November 21, Universal Pictures Korea made the announcement alongside photos of the SM Entertainment artists posing with the figurines of their respective characters. 

According to Universal Pictures Korea, Wendy will be reprising her role of Poppy in the third installment of the movie series. Previously, Wendy has lent her voice to Poppy in the Korean dub of the second movie, Trolls: World Tour. Since she already received praise for her exceptional voice acting in the previous film, Wendy is anticipated to continue bringing her unique charm to the character in the latest movie. 

On the other hand, Eunseok from RIIZE will take on the role of Branch, the golden youngest member of the idol group Bro Zone. Notably, said character was previously voiced by actor and ex-SF9 member Rowoon. As this will be the first dubbing project for Eunseok, fans are happy with this opportunity for the rookie idol to charm more fans with his low-pitched voice. 

Meanwhile, Trolls: Band Together will follow Poppy and Branch as they try to reunite the disbanded idol group Bro Zone due to a feud among the members. It is slated to hit Korean theaters on December 20. 

Moreover, Korean media also reported that Wendy and Eunseok will also participate in various events and contents to promote the film. 

Other projects aside from ‘Trolls: Band Together’

The news about Trolls: Band Together came amidst Wendy and Eunseok’s promotional activities for their respective groups. 

On October 27, RIIZE made their first-ever comeback with the single “Talk Saxy.Notably, the single came after the massive success of their debut album Get A Guitar, which made them million-sellers within a week of its release. 

Meanwhile, Red Velvet released their third full-length album Chill Kill on November 17. To note, the album marks the group’s first full-length release in six years. 


Featured image: Wendy and Eunseok will be voicing the characters for ‘Trolls: Band Together.’ Credit: Twitter/Universal Pictures Korea