Following the buzz from their pre-releases “Siren” and “Memories, RIIZE, the new boy group from SM Entertainment, has officially stepped into the limelight with their debut title “Get a Guitar.” 

“Get a Guitar” is a vibrant blend of funky guitar rhythms and retro synthesizer sounds. The song’s lyrics are a poignant depiction of music as a universal language—how the sound of a guitar can bring people together. It’s actually more than a song; it’s a narrative of the group’s journey, emphasizing their shared aspirations and dreams.

RIIZE 라이즈 ‘Get A Guitar’ MV

The music video also showcases the group’s acting and dancing skills. Aside from scenes of the boys executing their choreography, viewers are treated to glimpses of them embarking on a quest to find the perfect guitar. Theirs was a highly-anticipated debut, with RIIZE recording 1,032,144 million stock pre-orders for their first album. Such numbers indicate the album stock produced before its release, reflecting the immense anticipation from fans.

Earlier in August, the group teased fans with live broadcasts, pre-release tracks, and other types of content. But their official introduction to the world was marked by a press conference in Seoul on September 4. Here, the seven membersAnton, Eunseok, Seunghan, Shotaro, Sohee, Sungchan, and Wonbin—not only interacted with fans and the press. They also announced their collaboration with RCA Records in the US.

More on the RIIZE-RCA partnership

SM Entertainment’s collaboration with RCA Records for RIIZE‘s debut signifies a well-prepared launch. It also hints at the group’s chance at international success. Joseph Chang, CBO of SM and CEO of Kakao Entertainment America, expressed excitement for this partnership. envisioning a bold new chapter in K-pop. Echoing Chang’s sentiments, Peter Edge, Chairman and CEO of RCA Records, praised RIIZE for their versatility and talent.

John Fleckenstein, COO of RCA Records, sees RIIZE as a global pop act, highlighting their diverse cultural representation with members from Korea, Japan, and the US. Fleckenstein believes “Get a Guitar” leans more towards a western pop sound, setting them apart from their South Korean peers. Moreover, RIIZE‘s approach to connecting with fans through social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter is reminiscent of western artists, a departure from the traditional K-pop debut strategy. Their record-breaking achievement of amassing one million Instagram followers in merely four days underscores this unique approach.

RIIZE 라이즈 : Introduction Film

The name RIIZE, a fusion of “rise” and “realize,” encapsulates their ethos of continuous growth and recognizing achievements. Their association with RCA Records, home to global superstars, positions them for international acclaim. This collaboration also marks SM’s maiden venture with Sony in the US.

RIIZE‘s debut comes amidst significant changes within SM Entertainment, following a power tussle between its board and founder Lee Soo-man. With Kakao now holding a significant stake in SM, the future looks promising for the entertainment giant and its new sensation. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: RIIZE’s highly-anticipated debut marks SM’s first project without its founder Lee Soo-man. Source: Twitter/@RIIZE_official.