It’s official: all seven members of BTS have renewed their contracts with BIGHIT Music. Several news outlets were quick to print the news but ARMYs had a more reliable source. RM announced the BTS contract renewal on his official social media accounts and it further confirmed the group’s love for their fans.

RM Confirms BTS Contract Renewal on Instagram

In a surprising turn of events, all seven members of the globally renowned K-Pop sensation, BTS, have officially renewed their exclusive artist contracts with BIGHIT MUSIC, as reported on September 20, KST. This announcement has come as a pleasant shock to devoted ARMYs, as the group’s previous contract was still in effect. However, the BTS members have a history of opting for early renewals, highlighting their commitment to their future together.

In a heartwarming gesture, RM, the group’s leader, took the initiative to share the news directly with ARMYs. He posted a photo of the contract document on his Instagram, followed by another story dedicated to their devoted fanbase. RM’s actions not only revealed the unexpected contract renewal but also provided ARMYs with the assurance they may not have even realized they needed.

BTS initially signed their first contract with BIGHIT in 2013, which was set to last until 2020. Remarkably, in 2018, they chose to renew their contract well ahead of its expiration date, showcasing their strong bond and determination to continue their remarkable journey. Their second contract, originally set to conclude in 2025, coinciding with the year when all BTS members are expected to complete their mandatory military service, has been extended by two years, ensuring their continued presence as a group.

This announcement has brought immense joy and relief to fans, as it guarantees the group’s unity and the highly anticipated reunion expected in 2025. The early renewal reaffirms the enduring commitment and enduring bond shared by BTS and their dedicated supporters worldwide.