And just like that, SEVENTEEN confirmed their comeback! Imagine that, only four months since the group’s latest release, Your Choice, we will be seeing our beloved thirteen again!

Really, how sure are you?

On September 22, the group’s social media accounts released not one, not two, but three teaser posts a full month before their scheduled comeback. The first post was in black, with the caption, 

SEVENTEEN 9th Mini Album ‘Attacca’

2021.10.22 1PM (KST)

2021.10.22 0AM (ET)




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Followed by a teaser treated in a red filter, featuring all 13 members of the boyband in an empty indoor swimming pool as they walk into the distance, their back against the camera.

The last teaser post was in black again, with the group’s name in a white, italicized font, with the same caption about the group’s 9th mini-album entitled Attacca.


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Attacca? What is that supposed to mean? 

Attacca does sound like something coming from a Romance language.  However, “attack” in Portuguese and Spanish only use one ‘t’ for ataca and the spelling in French includes a “q.” That leaves Italian, which indeed has attacca as a music term. It could be used at the start of the next section (movement) or by a conductor to mean that the musician will have to start playing immediately without any pauses. It is a distinctly Italian term and is used by musicians all over the world in its original form without translating it. After all, it may sound awkward to hear “attack the music” in English. 

Otherwise, outside of music, attacca in Italian also means to attack, to stick, to attach, to hang, to affix, to plug, to fasten, or to tie, among other meanings. 

Will this be a dark concept? 

It seems. All three teasers look dark and harken back to other more intense releases from the group like Hit, Home, and perhaps their most dramatic release, Fear.  

But how about Jun and The8?

Pledis Entertainment had previously shared that SEVENTEEN will be promoting this upcoming release as an 11-member group, and will also do so for the rest of the year. The8 and Jun will be coming home to China to be with family and hold solo activities in their native country. So, does this mean that the two will not be in the album?

No, the album is already finished and the materials have already been furnished. As seen in the teaser post, both Chinese members are present. This means that they are in the album, it’s just that they will not be able to promote the EP with the rest of the group until December. 

Stay tuned for further news on this exciting comeback!

SEVENTEEN’s comeback album, Attacca, drops on October 22, 2021 midnight ET.

SEVENTEEN’s comeback album, Attacca, drops October 22, 2021 at midnight ET. Photo: HYBE LABELS/YouTube