Jeonghan is the first guest on Hyungwon‘s new YouTube series “Mr. Chae, the Castaway”. So it’s no surprise that the SEVENTEEN member immediately showed off his bond with the MONSTA X lead dancer. In the episode, Yoon Jeonghan repeatedly “flirted” with Hyungwon and then became embarrassed after watching the show.

Jeonghan “Makes a Move” on Hyungwon

The closeness between Jeonghan and Hyungwon was evident early on in the episode. In a delightful interaction, Hyungwon revealed to Jeonghan that he was the show’s first guest on “Mr. Chae the Castaway“. In response, Jeonghan playfully said that he would have been disheartened if anyone else had been the first guest. This marked the beginning of Jeonghan’s “flirty” banter with Hyungwon.

As the episode unfolded, a tender moment ensued when Hyungwon extended his arm to shield Jeonghan while driving. Noticing Hyungwon’s hand in front of him, Jeonghan reached out, and their hands intertwined in a heartwarming gesture of affection, beautifully reciprocated by Hyungwon.

The heartwarming exchange captured on video quickly went viral, amassing over 1 million views across platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and TikTok. Netizens couldn’t help but be enchanted by Jeonghan’s effortlessly “smooth” flirting style, appreciating his authenticity. Following the episode’s release, Jeonghan admitted to feeling a sense of embarrassment upon watching it but found the humorous side in the playful exchange, further endearing himself to fans with his candid and genuine nature.

“Oh gosh, you saw quite an embarrassing side of me,” he wrote on Weverse. “I kept laughing as I was watching because I found myself so funny.”

Although Jeonghan was embarrassed by his own actions, it’s clear that he had fun with Hyungwon on the show. With that in mind, CARATs and MONBEBEs are looking forward to more wholesome interactions between the two in the future.

Hyungwon previously announced that he will take part in a new show that will be broadcast on his official YouTube channel.