Hyungwon has finally updated his solo YouTube channel. Although the channel didn’t have any content for some time, the MONSTA X member finally surprised fans with his first video. Interestingly, it looks like the idol will be filming a new series that will be updated regularly.

Hyungwon Finally Shares First Video on Solo YouTube Channel

MONSTA X’s Hyungwon recently surprised his fans by adding a link to his official YouTube channel in his Instagram bio. This new YouTube channel “lifewithoutaplan” made its debut on July 28, 2023. Within a relatively short period, the channel has already garnered more than 41,000 subscribers, with its subscriber count steadily increasing.

The channel’s first video was released on August 25, 2023, offering viewers a glimpse into Hyungwon’s leisurely day, potentially during a hiking excursion. MONBEBEs, as the fans are affectionately known, are buzzing with excitement and curiosity.

Many are eagerly anticipating what this channel will have to offer, speculating that it might provide insights into Hyungwon’s evolving interests and share behind-the-scenes moments from his life. While specific details about the channel’s future content direction are still scarce, one thing is clear – the anticipation among fans is palpable and steadily building.

Givenchy Beauty announced that Hyungwon of MONSTA X is their new brand ambassador. A representative for the brand explained that he was the perfect choice to be their ambassador.

Hyungwon has a strong influence as a global K-pop artist beyond Korea,” they said. “His charm matches with the direction of Givenchy Beauty, which is why we selected him as our official model. We expect Hyungwon to create positive synergies with our brand as the male beauty market expands.”

Prior to this revelation, Hyungwon joined forces with Shownu to form MONSTA X’s first sub-unit. Together, they released the EP titled [THE UNSEEN] on July 25, 2023, which showcased five captivating tracks: “Love Me A Little,” “Love Therapy,” “Roll With Me,” “Play Me,” and “Slow Dance.”