Jennie, the revered fashion icon of BLACKPINK, has once again graced the cover of a prominent fashion magazine, adorned in strikingly bold ensembles. This time, she collaborates with the upscale French brand Jacquemus, creating a fresh and exciting partnership.

Jennie Dons Gorgeous Jacquemus Designs for Harper’s Bazaar Korea

On September 15, Jennie unveiled a unique and captivating series of editorial photographs in collaboration with Harper’s Bazaar and Jacquemus. In this visually stunning photoshoot, Jennie fearlessly showcases her alluring and audacious fashion sensibilities.

Draped in Jacquemus designs, characterized by their distinctive voluminous silhouettes and daring lines, Jennie effortlessly balances sensuality and innocence. Her outfits from the renowned brand encapsulate a fusion of suggestive allure and subtle innocence, exemplifying her remarkable versatility as a fashion icon. Through this collaboration, Jennie embodies the edgy and fashionable essence for which Jacquemus is celebrated, delivering a visual spectacle that captivates the world of fashion.


In Jennie’s collaboration with Jacquemus, her attire showcases the brand’s signature voluminous designs and daring lines, seamlessly encapsulating a blend of sensuality and innocence. The juxtaposition of alluring aesthetics with an air of innocence underscores Jennie’s exceptional versatility as a fashion model. She also effortlessly embodies the fashionable edginess for which the brand is renowned, effortlessly intertwining suggestive elements with an innate allure. This harmonious fusion not only exemplifies her fashion prowess but also highlights her innate ability to transcend boundaries and embrace diverse styles, solidifying her status as a dynamic fashion icon.

Jennie’s Love for Fashion

Jennie is no stranger to fashion and she is making it clear that she loves dressing up and discussing clothes as well. Model and friend Shin Hyun Ji recently mentioned the BLACKPINK member in an episode of “Salon Drip”. In response, Jennie shared a clip of the episode with a message for Shin and show host Jang Do Yeon.

“Unnie, when do I get an invite for ‘Salon Drip’?” Jennie wrote.

For now, it has not yet been confirmed whether Jennie will make an appearance in an upcoming episode of “Salon Drip”. However, it would not be a surprise if an announcement will be made soon. In the meantime, BLINKS are waiting for the release of Harper’s Bazaar Korea’s October issue.