Amidst the excitement for the release of SEVENTEEN’s upcoming 11th mini-album SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN, concern sparked among the group’s fandom following a health update about injured leader S.coups. 

On Thursday, October 19, PLEDIS Entertainment announced that S.coups won’t be participating in the promotional activities for SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN given his health condition. 

In August, the rapper sustained a tear in his left anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) while filming for a show. Back then, the agency shared that the idol was immediately taken to the hospital for a comprehensive medical examination. 

S.coups’ current condition

According to PLEDIS Entertainment, S.Coups underwent anterior cruciate ligament and anterolateral ligament reconstruction surgery. 

Although it’s been two months since the successful surgery, the road to recovery remains a long and challenging one for S.coups. 

In their recent update, the label assured fans that the idol has been prioritizing his recovery and rehabilitation, undergoing the necessary treatments and physical therapy. 

However, PLEDIS Entertainment disclosed that the artist’s knee is still in a vulnerable state. Moreover, the SEVENTEEN member was also advised to avoid any physical taxing activities to ensure a full recovery. 

While S.coups had a strong desire to participate in the group’s activities, the agency decided to not let him go given his condition. 

Additionally, they asked for the fans’ understanding given that the decision was made in consultation with medical professionals. 

CARATs will wait for SEVENTEEN’s leader

Following the news, fans have taken to social media to express their love and understanding for the rapper’s situation. 

Meanwhile, S.coups also personally penned a message for CARATs on Weverse.

“I wanted to participate in activities as much as I could, but I’ll take a break for a while to focus on rehabilitation,” he told them. Furthermore, he also assured fans that he’ll focus on his recovery so he can show a healthier version of him as soon as possible. 

Since his injury, S.coups had been on hiatus and even missed the group’s Follow concert in Japan. 

As for SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN, it will be released on October 23 with “God of Music” as the title track.

Featured image: S.coups poses for a concept photo of ‘SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN.’ Credit: Facebook/SEVENTEEN