SUPER JUNIOR fans received the ultimate surprise when the entire group reunited at member Ryeowook’s wedding to former TAHITI member Ari. The celebration was not only a significant personal milestone for Ryeowook but also a nostalgic and emotional moment for fans and the group itself.

Ryeowook’s Wedding Photos Confirm Reveal Several Versions of SUPER JUNIOR Reunion

The highlight of the event was the “OT15 group picture”, which included all former, unit, and currently active members of SUPER JUNIOR. The photo quickly went viral, capturing the hearts of many who have followed the group’s journey over the years. However, it was later revealed through behind-the-scenes clips from attendees that the group actually took three versions of the iconic photo. One image featured the current nine active members of group while another one included the original 13 members who debuted together. 

The thoughtful gesture was speculated to be a considerate move by SUPER JUNIOR, acknowledging the varying sentiments of their diverse fanbase regarding the inclusion and exclusion of certain members. By offering different versions, they catered to all fans, respecting their feelings and preferences.

Kangin’s Unexpected Return

Another poignant moment during the wedding was Leeteuk’s address regarding a particular member. Kangin, who had stepped back from the public eye following two DUI incidents, was present at the wedding.

Leeteuk, who hosted the event, took the opportunity to address Kangin’s long period of reflection. He said, “You are now seeing Kangin, who has spent a much longer time reflecting than being active. Please offer him some forgiveness.”

Leeteuk further emphasized the extent of Kangin’s reflection period, stating, “Kangin has been reflecting for 15 years. His active period was 5 years, while his reflection period has been 15 years. It’s a happy and good day, so please embrace him, show him love, and help him make a living.” His heartfelt plea resonated with many, highlighting the themes of forgiveness, growth, and the enduring bond within SUPER JUNIOR.

In response to Leeteuk’s touching words, Kangin stood up and respectfully bowed to the guests, a gesture that underscored his remorse and gratitude. This moment of humility and reconciliation added a deeper emotional layer to the celebration, marking it as not just a wedding but a reunion filled with hope, forgiveness, and renewed connections.

Ryeowook’s wedding was a significant event that brought SUPER JUNIOR together in a way that honored their past and looked towards a hopeful future. The reunion was a poignant reminder of the group’s journey and the strong bond they share with their fans.