Teen Vogue recently featured the K-pop group Odd Eye Circle. American writer Tamar Herman sat down with the group via Zoom for an exclusive interview. They discussed the group’s transition from LOONA to ARTMS, and their plans for the future.

In 2017, Odd Eye Circle, a sub-unit of LOONA, made waves in the K-pop scene. The trio, consisting of Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry, introduced a unique blend of dance music and alt R&B that set the stage for LOONA‘s future success. But 2023 marked a significant shift. Due to contract disputes, the group left their previous agency, Blockberry Creative, amid several lawsuits. That signaled the end of LOONA as we knew it. 

But now, Odd Eye Circle is back and leading the charge for ARTMS, a collective of former LOONA members. Earlier this year, the trio reunited with ex-LOONA members Heejin and Haseul at Jaden Jeong’s new label Modhaus. Jeong was LOONA’s early-stage creative producer. In the Teen Vogue feature, the official artist profile of ARTMS is quoted as saying, “ARTMS is not a name of a new group. It’s a story about the amazing strategies and plans of the girls to get to the moon. Choerry, HeeJin, JinSoul, and Kim Lip will start this story.”

Soon, Odd Eye Circle will release their second-ever album, Version Up, under the ARTMS banner. Choerry says the lead single, “Air Force One,” is a track that “really fits the summer vibes.” It also symbolizes the group’s evolution. Kim Lip, co-lyricist of “Air Force One,” explains that they all wore Converse during the LOONA days. It was their signature shoe. “However, wearing [Nike] Air Force Ones now symbolizes our new start as a group by changing our symbol shoes.”

Their Odd Eye Circle roots

The trio revisited their earlier album and recordings, striving to distinguish Odd Eye Circle’s Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry from their roles in LOONA. Kim Lip shares, “We’re trying to bring our old colors and our musicality along for the new journey and the new release. And we’re also bringing the old storyline of our worldview with us for this. However, you’ll be able to see just the overall upped version of them, just like the album name, in terms of our visuals or even our skills.”

Working with Modhaus CEO Jaden Jeong again helped bring back the expressive, quirky Odd Eye Circle spirit. Reuniting with Jeong, Odd Eye Circle says, was natural. Choerry shares, “He has a lot of love [and support] for us,” which made the decision to join Modhaus an easy one.

While they’re excited about returning to their Odd Eye Circle roots, that doesn’t mean they don’t regret leaving the past behind. JinSoul admits she has mixed feelings about it. “We achieved a lot during the LOONA days, and it feels, not necessarily sad, but it’s not a great feeling to let all that go and create a new beginning,” admits JinSoul. “However, because of those experiences, we’re able to do what we do now as Odd Eye Circle. So I’m not that sad. Because of those experiences, we can show many new and unique sides of ourselves as Odd Eye Circle too.”

The Teen Vogue feature shines a light on Odd Eye Circle‘s journey, evolution, and future plans. As they embark on this new chapter, they carry the lessons of the past and the promise of the future.  — K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: Aside from the Teen Vogue feature, the OEC girls have been uploading content to the ARTMS YouTube Channel. Source: YouTube/ARTMS’s official YouTube channel.