Being an idol is a dream come true for most people but for Jihyo, it was an ambition that was almost too much. The TWICE leader has just revealed that she considered quitting when she was just a trainee. It was so bad that Park Ji Hyo actually ran away from her company!

Jihyo Opens Up About the Difficulties of Being a JYPE Trainee

During the August 21st episode of “Neighborhood Friend Kangnam,” Jihyo teamed up with the show’s host Kangnam to create a delectable crepe cake. Amid the culinary adventure, the TWICE member shared a captivating story from her trainee days, adding a personal touch to the episode.

“I actually used to be a pig,” she revealed. “I don’t worry about things like this. As long as it tastes good.”

The carefree attitude was something that Park Ji Hyo had for years before she became a trainee. “I was a trainee for 11 years,” she shared. The TWICE leader then admitted that there was a time that she tried to escape her own company.

“I ran away once because it was so hard. I ran away from home,” she shared. “When I was in my third year of high school, I ran away to my aunt’s house, but I got caught.”

Jihyo reflected on her actions and the difficult time she faced as an aspiring idol. “It was so hard right before our debut,” she said. “If I think about it now, I seriously could’ve messed things up.”

Luckily, things changed for the girl who was born Park Ji-soo. After she debuted with TWICE, things have been looking up for the former model.

In a June 2023 announcement, it was revealed that Jihyo was set to launch her debut EP, titled “Zone,” on August 18, 2023. The EP’s leading single, “Killin’ Me Good,” was disclosed as part of the announcement, marking Jihyo as the second member of TWICE to embark on a solo debut journey. Notably, before this official revelation, Jihyo had already treated fans to a sneak peek of her upcoming work by performing an unreleased track titled “Nightmare” during Twice’s “Ready to Be World Tour.”