YG Entertainment has taken a significant step by applying for the renewal of the ‘G-Dragon’ trademark. The iconic stage name was initially trademarked in February 2003 with a 10-year validity. In 2013, the trademark was extended, securing its rights until September 13, 2023. The renewal comes shortly after the BIGBANG member signed what appears to be a distribution deal with another label.

YG Entertainment Reportedly Renewed The Registration of the G-Dragon Trademark

Currently, the trademark renewal process is in progress, and it appears poised for another decade under YG Entertainment’s ownership. This move holds importance as it occurred after G-Dragon’s exclusive contract with the company had expired in June. Speculation is rife about G-Dragon’s potential discussions with Warner Music for a new exclusive contract.

In essence, this renewal action indicates that YG Entertainment will retain ownership of the stage name ‘G-Dragon.’ Consequently, G-Dragon might face restrictions if he chooses to part ways with YG Entertainment and signs with another company, as the stage name’s rights would remain with the company.

The renewal of the G-Dragon trademark comes shortly after rumors of the BIGBANG leader’s departure from YG Entertainment. It was previously reported that the idol has signed a distribution deal with Warner Records. It was believed by many fans that G-Dragon had entered into a distribution deal with Warner Records for his highly anticipated solo comeback. Some have even noticed indications of his affiliation with Warner Music Group through a Google search, which has further fueled speculation about his global music distribution plans through the label.

G-Dragon is currently the last BIGBANG member to stay with YG Entertainment. Taeyang has signed with YG affiliate THE BLACK LABEL while Daesung signed a contract with R&D Company in April 2023. The idols are all expected to continue promoting with their group.

YG Entertainment has not yet confirmed whether G-Dragon is preparing for a solo comeback. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.