YoonA and Junho are working together for the exact same reason. The GIRLS GENERATION singer and 2PM member have shared why they agreed to work on King The Land. Interestingly, both Im Yoona and Lee Junho were looking for a change.

YoonA and Junho Discuss Working on New Rom-Com King The Land

Im Yoona and Lee Junho attended a press conference for King The Land ahead of the show’s premiere. During the event, YoonA confirmed she chose to work on the new JTBC romantic comedy for a change of pace.

My last project was heavy and dark, so I wanted to work on a piece with a brighter tone for my next project,” she revealed. “I also felt that when I tried out a character with a bright personality in the past, many fans liked it.”

YoonA had previously worked on the crime drama Big Mouth alongside Lee Jongsuk. It was a very different project from her upcoming rom-com.

Lee Junho agreed with YoonA, admitting he took on King The Land to be set apart from the historical drama he previously starred in.

I felt the same as YoonA,” Junho said. “Working on The Red Sleeve, I struggled through a lot of emotional stress.”

He explained, “It is based on a historical figure, which meant that I was aware of the story’s tragic developments even as I worked on the project. This time, I chose a project that is allowing me to empty my mind of stray thoughts. It is a production full of love and laughter.”

Although Junho had fun working on the new show, he also confessed that playing a character who doesn’t like smiles was difficult.

“I’m the kind of person who smiles and laughs easily, so acting out a character who doesn’t smile or laugh was actually a big challenge for me. I immediately smile or laugh after even cut,” he said.

Luckily, things were not that hard since Junho was working with YoonA. The Confidential Assignment star revealed that she was excited about working with the 2PM member.

“It’s our first time working on an acting project together,” YoonA said. “I’m so happy that I’m working with Junho, whom I’ve known professionally since we were young.”

“There were moments when we could comfortably look back on those days and talk about our experiences,” she revealed.

In King The Land, Lee Junho plays Gu Won, a chaebol heir who can’t stand fake smiles, and Im Yoona portrays the constantly smiling Cheon Sa Rang. The series will premiere on JTBC on June 17, 2023.