V’s sasaeng stalker is facing the consequences of her actions. The so-called fan is the latest individual who will need to face legal prosecution for stalking the BTS member.

V’s Sasaeng Stalker Slapped with Legal Prosecution

The BTS members have recently faced distressing situations caused by sasaeng fans, with some members publicly expressing their distress due to various forms of harassment. On November 17, the Seoul Gangnam Police Station issued a non-arrest summon to a woman in her 20s, identified as ‘A,’ who is suspected of violating the Stalking Prevention Act and trespassing.

The alleged incidents involve ‘A’ engaging in stalking behavior, such as waiting in front of V’s house on October 28, taking the elevator, conversing with him, and even asking him to sign a marriage registration form. ‘A’ left the scene, but the police initiated an investigation after receiving a report from a security guard, revealing that ‘A’ had visited V’s residence on multiple occasions before.

In response to these incidents, the police decided to impose an ’emergency restraining order’ on the sasaeng stalker prohibiting her from approaching within 100 meters of V’s vicinity and using phone calls or messages to contact him.

BIGHIT Music Moves to Protect Its Artists

BTS’s label, BIGHIT Music, has consistently issued strong responses to such incidents. They have submitted numerous complaints to law enforcement agencies, providing evidence gathered through reports and monitoring. The complaints focus on defamation, slander, and violations of the Stalking Prevention Act that infringe upon the artists’ rights.

BIGHIT Music mentioned their ongoing efforts in collecting evidence of individuals sending mail and parcels to the artists’ homes, causing harm to their families. In the second quarter of 2022, some suspects among the overall complainants received decisions to suspend investigations and non-indictments. In response, BIGHIT Music lodged objections and requested a re-investigation to address the concerning issue of sasaeng fans’ harassment.

Although the new policy is certainly strict, BTS fans are happy to know that their idols will no longer have to deal with harassment and abuse. With that in mind, BIGHIT Music is doing the right thing to protect its artists.