Chansung is getting ready to reunite with his fellow 2PM members. The “Dream High” actor is hyping up 2PM’s upcoming 15th-anniversary concert. Hwang Chan Sung also opened up about becoming a new father and shared his hopes for his baby daughter.

Chansung Confirms 2PM 15th Anniversary Concert Later in 2023

Chansung recently took part in a roundtable interview with the press to promote the finale of his show “Bo-ra! Deborah”. During the interview, the rapper confirmed that 2PM has big plans for their 15th anniversary since their debut.

“We will have an anniversary concert,” Chansung said. “The concert will take place in Korea in September, and overseas in October.

“Once we begin preparations for the concert, I need to put all my focus into practicing,” he continued. Chansung then revealed that practice is important for him and fellow member Wooyoung.

Junho doesn’t forget the choreography, but Wooyoung and I, for some reason our brains draw a complete blank,” he said.

“In the beginning, it feels like it’s a choreography I’ve never even seen before, and then it comes back little by little once I start moving to the music, but very slowly,” Chansung added with a laugh.

2PM debuted in September 2008 and although leader Jay Park has left the group, the remaining members still want to continue promoting together.

“We enjoyed our time promoting as a group,” Chansung explained. “We all want to stand on stage as a group time and again.”

Making time to get together, plan, prepare, and see the fruit of those efforts, those moments are meaningful memories to us and the fans, not to mention our way of repaying our fans for their support,” he added.

Chansung Opens Up About Being A Father To His Look-Alike Baby Daughter

Chansung may have proven himself as an idol and an actor, but he is also proud of his new role as a father. Hwang Chan-sung and his wife welcomed their first child in 2022 and he claims that his daughter looks exactly like him. In addition to that, he has great hopes for his child.

“I hope that by the time my daughter starts school, she will have pride in me and also find me comfortable, and when she grows up, I hope she will know of my hardships,” Chansung said.

He also addressed the possibility of his daughter becoming an artist like him. “If my child wants to in the future, I will consider it,” Chansung said.

“But once her appearance is shown on TV, there’s no going back,” he added. “So I need to take responsibility for her for now, and so I don’t have plans to reveal her to the public quite yet.”

2PM will celebrate their 15th anniversary since their debut on September 4, 2023.