In an exciting development for fans of the former K-pop group PRISTIN, it has been officially announced that Park Si Yeon, widely known as Xiyeon, is set to embark on a new chapter in her career. 

Xiyeon, who gained recognition through her participation in Produce 101 Season 1 and later debuted with PRISTIN, has signed an exclusive contract with the reputable talent agency Saero Actors. 

In a press release, Saero Actors warmly welcomed Xiyeon as a valuable addition to their roster. Moreover, the agency also affirmed its commitment to supporting her diverse activities and dedication to nurture her growth as an actress. 

“We are glad to welcome the talented actress Park Si Yeon as our new family member and we will fully support her various activities so she can showcase her infinite potential in the future,” Saero Actors said. 

On their website, the agency also uploaded new photos of the artist.

Joining the ranks of Saero Actors, Xiyeon finds herself in the company of esteemed talents such as Kim Minji, Kim Chanil, Park Youngbin, Bang Yein, Bae Yujin, Seo Jinsu, and more. As the agency has a track record of fostering the careers of talented individuals, fans are anticipating a promising future for Xiyeon in the acting realm. 

A new start for Xiyeon

Before venturing into the world of K-pop, Xiyeon had already showcased her potential in the entertainment industry through various avenues. Among her pre-debut achievements included appearances in commercials, music videos, and the drama Legendary Hometown – Gumiho.

In Produce 101 Season 1, she placed 29th. In 2016, PLEDIS Entertainment debuted the 10-member group PRISTIN. They are known for songs “WEE WOO,” “Get It,” “Black Widow,” and Over n Over.” During her activities as a PRISTIN member, she also demonstrated her hosting skills as the MC of Music Core. 

When PRISTIN disbanded in 2019, Xiyeon shifted her focus to acting. Since then, she has left a mark with notable roles in various dramas and movies.  Among her credits include tvN’s Trap, OCN’s Dark Hole, and SBS’s Cheer Up. Meanwhile, she took on the leading role in the movie Sillim Man and Woman where she displayed her acting prowess.

As fans eagerly anticipate Xiyeon’s upcoming projects under Saero Actors, her signing with the agency marks a significant milestone in her career trajectory. Now that she’s embarking on an exciting new chapter, audiences can look forward to witnessing her continued growth and success in the dynamic realm of acting.

Featured image: Saero Actors shares new profile photos of Xiyeon. Credit: Website/Saero Actors