Tiffany Young will take a break to address her health issues. The GIRLS GENERATION member has been also confirmed to go on a temporary hiatus for health reasons.

GIRLS GENERATION’s Tiffany Announces Temporary Hiatus

On November 14, Sublime Artist Agency issued a statement regarding Tiffany’s health.

“Recently, Tiffany Young underwent a medical examination due to ongoing health concerns and received a recommendation from the medical staff that she needs approximately two weeks of sufficient rest and stability,” the statement read. “After careful discussions with the artist, we have decided to temporarily halt her scheduled activities to allow sufficient time for her health recovery.”

The agency also apologized to fans who were expecting Tiffany to be more active for the rest of the month.

We sincerely apologize to the many fans who have been looking forward to Tiffany Young’s activities and kindly ask for your understanding,” the statement read. “Tiffany Young is anticipated to resume activities approximately one month from now.”

Moving forward, we will continue to prioritize the artist’s health and do our best to ensure that Tiffany Young can meet fans again in a healthy state,” it concludes.

Back in June, Tiffany was confirmed to join the cast of “Uncle Samsik”, an upcoming drama starring Song Kang-ho and Byun Yo-han. It is also the first drama series for “Parasite” actor Song Kang-ho since his debut.

Uncle Sam Sik” takes place during the dynamic early 1960s in Korea and revolves around the ambitions and bromance between two men, Uncle Sam Sik and Kim San. The drama also features an impressive lineup of actors, with Song Kang Ho portraying Uncle Sam Sik and Byun Yo Han taking on the role of Kim San. The star-studded cast includes Lee Kyu Hyung, Jin Ki Joo, Seo Hyun Woo, and many others.

“Uncle Samsik” has not yet been given an official release date.