Rei is taking a break to focus on her health. Starship Entertainment announced that the IVE rapper will be on hiatus. This means Rei will not join the rest of the girl group’s current promotions for their latest comeback. However, Naoi Rei made sure to comfort her fans with a sweet letter addressed to DIVEs.

Rei Goes On Hiatus Due To Health Issues

Starship Entertainment confirmed Rei’s hiatus on the official IVE fan cafe. “Rei recently felt symptoms of abnormal conditions such as heart palpitations and stuffiness,” the statement read.

“Based on the opinion of a professional medical institution, after sufficient discussion with Rei, we have decided to temporarily halt her activities for her recovery.”

Rei Assures DIVEs With Sweet Letter

Fans were immediately concerned about Rei. The IVE member immediately noticed and penned a heartfelt hand-written letter addressed to DIVEs.

“To my precious DIVE, you guys were really surprised after hearing the news right? I contemplated over and over again how I can write an honest letter so I decided to write a handwritten one to deliver my sincerity,” Rei wrote.

“After I became a member of IVE, I diligently ran with the best five members hand in hand. Those who were always with me during happy and sad times were the members and DIVE. I have to halt for now but I am putting in the effort so that this time for myself isn’t meaningless,” she continued.

Rei added, “I think about DIVE and the members every day. I want to know what you guys are doing, if you guys ate, or if there was anything interesting. Because you are all my most precious friends and family.”

IVE released their first studio album ‘I’ve Ive’ on April 10, 2023. The full album consists of 11 songs including the pre-release single “Kitsch” and the lead single “I Am.”