Jennie of BLACKPINK recently guested on The Seasons: Red Carpet With Lee Hyori, hosted by Lee Hyori, marking her first appearance since announcing her own agency, ODD ATELIER. The television debut of “You & Me” on the show showcased Jennie’s versatility and vocal prowess. She earned widespread praise for it. Later in the show, she also performed a cover of Lee Hyori‘s “Miss Korea,” leading to an impromptu duet with the show’s host.

JENNIE – YOU & ME Performance

During her appearance on the show, Jennie opened up about going solo. She emphasized her desire for more freedom and comfort in her individual activities while continuing group activities with YG Entertainment.

She expressed, “I’m embarking on this journey with the crew who have been with me for a long time, seeking to freely engage in all my activities. Even if the path I take is strange, or different from others, I made the name with the intention of doing well. At YG, where I started as a trainee, I learned so much, which inspired me to ask myself, ‘Can you do something on your own?’ I thought, ‘Let’s take courage and face it.’”

JENNIE & Lee Hyo Ri – Miss Korea (Lee Hyo Ri)

What will Jennie bring to the music industry?

She then revealed that she’s working on new material. She said, “My dream is to release my first solo album this year. I hope to be Jennie who can come to you with good music within this year.”

The conversation then shifted towards future possibilities when Lee Hyori asked if Jennie had thought about producing other artists. Jennie, showing her business acumen, replied, “I’ve never dreamed of that, but after starting a company, imagining it was fun. However, I want to take good care of the artist Jennie first and if there are good opportunities in the future, that would be great.”

Lee Hyori joked, “My contract with Antenna ends in February, so please take care of me.” That elicited laughter from Jennie, who responded with, “Please call me.”

As the newly-minted CEO embarks on this new venture with ODD ATELIER, fans eagerly anticipate what she’ll bring to the music industry. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: Jennie told Lee Hyori how she really feels about this new chapter in her career. Sources: X/@BLACKPINKBRASIL and X/@BPontheNetwork.