A Korean producer has been sentenced to prison for impersonating a BTS member and illegally obtaining personal information. The individual, known as “A,” is in his 20s and has been involved in a series of deceptive acts aimed at collecting sensitive data under false pretenses.

Korean Producer Who Impersonated BTS Member Suga Sentenced to Jail

The Criminal Appeals Department 5-2 of the Seoul Central District Court, presided over by Chief Judge Kim Yong Joong, Kim Ji Sun, and So Byeong Jin, sentenced “A” to one year in prison on May 10th. The charges stem from violations of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection.

The investigation revealed that in August-September 2022, “A” impersonated BTS’s Suga. Using a mobile phone, “A” contacted a record producer, referred to as “B”, and deceitfully gathered military service details and undisclosed guide sound sources. The fraudulent activity did not stop there.

In November of the same year, “A” escalated his deception by impersonating the record producer “B” to contact Suga directly. “A” sought to extract information regarding an album’s release date and Suga’s enlistment details. These acts of impersonation were meticulously planned and executed, aiming to gain access to privileged information that was not meant for public disclosure.

Impersonating Another BTS Member

Further investigations uncovered that “A” also impersonated BTS’s V. Through this guise, “A” managed to obtain more than ten undisclosed guide music files from other producers. These files contained sensitive information about upcoming albums, unreleased song details, personal schedules, and private information of the BTS members. The unauthorized removal and possession of such critical data highlight the severity of “A”’s actions.

The court’s decision to sentence “A” to prison underscores the gravity of the offense. The unauthorized collection and distribution of personal and professional information not only violate privacy laws but also breach the trust and security protocols within the entertainment industry. The sentence aims to serve as a deterrent to similar future crimes and reinforces the importance of protecting personal and sensitive information.

This case sheds light on the vulnerabilities and potential risks faced by public figures, especially those in the spotlight like BTS members. It also underscores the need for robust security measures and vigilant monitoring to prevent such breaches. For the fans and the industry, it serves as a reminder of the importance of safeguarding personal information and the serious repercussions of its misuse.