BIGHIT MUSIC’s recent update regarding the legal proceedings concerning BTS reflects the company’s unwavering commitment to protecting the rights and dignity of the group’s members in the face of targeted attacks and defamation.

BIGHIT Shares Update on Legal Proceedings Involving BTS Members’ Rights

In their statement released on May 2, BIGHIT MUSIC reiterated their firm stance against defamatory activities aimed at BTS, signaling the gravity of the situation and their determination to address it head-on.

“Our agency decided that the recent movement spreading false rumors and information has become excessive and announced previously that a separate law firm would be engaged to address these matters decisively.

“Thus, we have identified and compiled several posts containing misinformation aimed at defaming and slandering the artists and filed the initial round of criminal complaint to law enforcement agencies today (May 2). This compilation includes posts that were systematically uploaded then deleted as well as posts from authors who have since deleted their accounts. We will persist in our legal proceedings through continuous monitoring and gathering of evidence.

“We uphold a zero-tolerance policy for filing civic and criminal complaints against individuals who attempt to tarnish the reputation of our artists by spreading malicious falsehoods. We will offer no leniency or settlements, ensuring that offenders are appropriately punished without exception.”

The decision to pursue legal action underscores the severity of the organized campaigns aimed at tarnishing BTS’s reputation, highlighting the insidious nature of misinformation and malicious intent in the digital age. By publicly addressing these issues, BIGHIT MUSIC is not only standing in solidarity with BTS but also sending a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated.

In addition to their proactive approach to legal proceedings, BIGHIT MUSIC’s enlistment of an additional law firm speaks to their commitment to bolstering their legal defenses and actively combating harmful content. The strategic move further strengthens their ability to navigate complex legal matters and pursue justice on behalf of BTS.

Furthermore, BIGHIT MUSIC’s emphasis on real-time monitoring underscores the urgency with which they are addressing the situation, recognizing the need for swift action to counteract malicious activities before they escalate further. By diligently gathering evidence of defamatory postings and rumors, BIGHIT MUSIC is positioning itself to take decisive measures against those responsible, holding them accountable for their actions and ensuring that BTS’s rights are upheld.

Overall, BIGHIT MUSIC’s proactive stance and comprehensive approach to addressing the targeted attacks on BTS demonstrate their unwavering dedication to protecting the group’s well-being and preserving their reputation amidst challenging circumstances. As they continue to navigate the legal proceedings, BIGHIT MUSIC remains steadfast in their commitment to defending BTS and safeguarding their rights in the face of adversity.