2023 is shaping to be a busy year for the NCT New Team!

On Sunday, October 8, the latest act from SM Entertainment released their pre-debut album Hands Up. 

Hands Up has two songs, with the title track having the same name of the album. Described as a dance anthem, “Hands Up” is characterized with synth rhythms and dynamic instrumentation. Additionally, the song aims to highlight the lively spirit of the group. 

Meanwhile, the second track We Go!” is characterized by pop-infused melodies and guitar arrangements. For this song, the lyrics reflect the idols’ passion for reaching their dreams. 

Although it came as a surprise, fans of NCT New Team welcomed the release with open arms. As it gives the supporters a glimpse of what the group can offer. 

Moreover, the release of Hands Up came days after NCT New Team officially launched their social media accounts. Since then, the members have been releasing photos and teasers. 

Based on their posters, the group marked October 8 and October 19 as special dates. Notably, Hands Up was released on October 8. But as for what will happen on October 19, there’s still no details yet. 

After the release of their single, the group is also set to embark on a pre-debut tour titled LASTART. According to reports, it will have a total of 24 shows across nine Japanese cities. 

Ready for NCT New Team? 

Initially a septet, NCT New Team was formed through the reality show NCT Universe: LASTART. 

On October 2, SM Entertainment announced that Jungmin will no longer debut with the group due to health reasons. 

Following this, the group will only continue with six members: Sion, Riku, Yushi, Daeyoung, Ryo, and Sakuya. 

Following the conclusion of NCT Universe: LASTART, the new unit participated in the NCT NATION concerts in Japan alongside other NCT units

Moreover, SM Entertainment has earlier confirmed that the NCT New Team will be the last chapter to NCT’s limitless expansion concept. Previously, it was stated that the group would be called NCT Tokyo. But the agency has yet to unveil the group’s final name. 

As of writing, SM Entertainment has yet to reveal the debut details of NCT New Team.

Featured image: NCT New Team performs ‘Hands Up’ during NCT Nation: To the World concert. Credit: Twitter/NCT Japan