ZEROBASEONE’s Seok Matthew, one of today’s most popular idols, shares a special bond with his sister, Seok Yaebin. In a recent Instagram live, Yaebin opened up about their relationship, offering fans a glimpse into their family life and Matthew’s personality.


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Complete opposites

Yaebin described herself and Matthew as complete opposites, likening Matthew to the sun and herself to the moon. She says they both shine bright in different ways. Their differences extend to their tastes as well. For instance, Matthew loves mushrooms, which Yaebin dislikes, and while Matthew’s favorite food is now fried chicken, Yaebin prefers cheese. She also revealed that Matthew was an excellent student, better than her, and that he rarely swears. Unlike Yaebin, who can drive, Matthew can’t. She also said that her Korean is better than Matthew’s, a fact that surprised his agency during her visit.

When asked about what she admires most about Matthew, Yaebin praised his personality. She also described him as “the least scary thing ever.” They communicate in English with each other, switch to Korean when talking to their parents, and use Konglish at family gatherings. Matthew, who used to call Yaebin “noona” as a sign of respect, now simply calls her by her name.

Like any siblings, they have disagreements but always resolve them with a good hug and an apology. Their quality time together typically involves doing their own things in their rooms, then coming together for walks, dinners, and chats. Sadly, they don’t get to hang out or talk much these days because of Matthew’s schedule. Matthew’s been so busy, it’s even hard to stay in contact through the phone. That said, Yaebin’s happy he’s busy doing what he loves.


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The idol life

Regarding Matthew’s participation in Boys Planet, Yaebin admitted she didn’t know much about the show at first. Wondering how best to support her brother, she made TikTok videos to promote him. She said his performance of “Say My Name” on the show was her favorite, feeling it embodied his personality. When he placed third, Yaebin, along with their mother, was moved to tears.

Matthew has come a long way since he debuted with ZEROBASEONE. The boy group now has two double million selling albums under its belt. But although she’s very proud of him, Yaebin still sees him as her little brother—albeit one who’s perfect for the idol life.

“I feel like the idol life is suitable for Matthew. Growing up, he was always good at being told what to do. I’m not saying he doesn’t have freedom. He definitely has freedom within the work that he does. But at the same time, I feel like it’s very planned out,” Yaebin explains. “Like, his life is so structured—you have to live it this way, you can’t do this, you can’t do that. There are a lot of restrictions. But he’s great at navigating that and he loves it.”


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Yaebin paved the way for Matthew

Matthew started dancing around the age of 10. His interest in dance grew when Yaebin joined a dance team and encouraged him to do the same. Yaebin, who chose to pursue dance over traditional schooling, believes her path made it easier for Matthew to follow his dreams.

“I was very adamant about living my life the way I want to live it and be happy with my choices, so I did grow up fighting a lot with my parents. I was very stubborn. So that’s why I didn’t go to school. I pursued dance instead, and that’s why I love to teach. I’m very happy with what I’m doing,” says Yaebin. “But I guess that had a big influence on my brother. It helped him realize that he didn’t want to go to school either, and he wanted to do something he loved. So, I guess that’s how I inspired him, because he watched me do what I wanted to do.”

Yaebin‘s insights reveal a deep and supportive bond between the siblings, one that has played a significant role in shaping Matthew’s journey as an idol. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: Matthew and Yaebin may be polar opposites, but they have so much love for each other. Source: Reddit.