In the lead-up to their upcoming greatest hits album, 17 IS RIGHT HERE, K-pop powerhouse SEVENTEEN is breaking new ground, not only in their music but also in fashion and societal norms. The boys have created quite a stir by incorporating skirts into their concept photos. By doing so, SEVENTEEN is challenging traditional ideas about what is appropriate or expected for men to wear. That’s no small feat in a conservative country like South Korea.

The members who opted to wear skirts are Jeonghan, Jun, Mingyu, and The8. The concept photos for the new album involve SEVENTEEN revisiting iconic concepts and songs they did in the past. Jeonghan, the group’s second-eldest member, chose to embody “Super” from their SEVENTEEN 10th Mini Album FML. He wore a suit and varsity jacket to go with the skirt.

Jun went for a skirt that matched his statement shirt and the texture of his blazer, while Mingyu sported a skirt that matched the pattern and texture of his tartan suit. Finally, The8 portrayed their 2023 hit “God of Music.” He paired his skirt with a suit and jacket. Their sartorial choices has been met with enthusiasm from fans and netizens alike, who appreciate the group’s efforts to push the boundaries of gender-specific fashion. 


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SEVENTEEN set themselves apart with the skirts

SEVENTEEN‘s decision to incorporate skirts into their wardrobe aligns with a growing trend in fashion where lines are becoming more and more blurry.

In a country known for its conservatism, especially regarding gender norms and presentation, SEVENTEEN’s approach can be seen as a progressive move that sparks discussions about gender identity and expression. This choice not only sets the group apart from their peers, but it also aligns with global conversations on diversity and inclusivity. It may even increase their appeal to international audiences who value such qualities.

By adopting such styles, the 13-member boy group not only showcases their unique artistic vision but also prompts a wider conversation within South Korea itself, potentially influencing perceptions and acceptance of non-traditional gender presentations in broader culture. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: Talk about pushing the envelope! Nice work, boys. Source: X/@ShinAlthea96.