From being a nosy old man to becoming BOMG’s CEO, Pi Cheolin has finally made his debut as a performer!

At the 38th Golden Disc Awards held in Indonesia on Saturday, January 6, K-Pop fans witnessed an entertaining performance as Dino of the boy group SEVENTEEN, brought his fictional character Pi Cheolin on the BooSeokSoon stage.

During the ceremony, SEVENTEEN’s subunit BooSeokSoon (BSS), composed of members Seungkwan, Dokyeom and Hoshi, performed a new rendition of their track Fighting.” Originally featuring rapper Lee Young Ji, the trio surprised fans as they brought Dino, in his Pi Cheolin persona in particular, to cover her rap parts.

For those who don’t know, Pi Cheolin is Dino’s portrayal of a nosy old man. It started off as an inside joke from a previous Carat Land fan meeting and has become a well-loved character in the fandom. 

Recently, during SEVENTEEN’s “God of Music” comeback, Pi Cheolin returned as the CEO of BOMG, another comedy stint by the 13-member group. Notably, it was through this skit that the group birthed the trot parody single “God of Light Music.”

CARATs’ reaction to “debut” of Pi Cheolin

On social media, Carats, SEVENTEEN’s fanbase, immediately expressed their surprise to see Pi Cheolin with the subunit. “Truly an iconic stage,” one fan wrote.

Other fans, meanwhile, applauded Dino’s versatility and professionalism as he stayed in character for the whole performance. Moreover, fans also said that there is no other group as committed to their inside jokes as SEVENTEEN.


Furthermore, several clips of the SEVENTEEN members’ reactions also went viral upon the appearance of Pi Cheolin. Some fans pointed out that the members had no clue as well that they would see Dino’s old man character take over the stage.


Aside from BSS and Dino bringing laughter to the audience, SEVENTEEN also performed their tracks “Super,” the Korean version of “Ima” and “God of Music” as a whole group. 

In addition to their stellar performances, the 13-piece act had one more thing to celebrate. During the GDA awarding ceremony, SEVENTEEN took home the Grand Prize for the Album of the Year for their 10th EP FML. On the other hand, BooSeokSoon, bagged the Best Digital Song Award for the track “Fighting.”

Featured image: SEVENTEEN’s Dino performs with BSS as his fictional character Pi Cheol In. Credit: Twitter/SEVENTEEN