CARATs, the news that we’re waiting for is here! Na Young Seok, aka Na PD, has finally started filming for Youth Over Flowers featuring K-pop group SEVENTEEN. 

On Friday, September 7, the members were spotted at the airport wearing mics and carrying cameras following the conclusion of the group’s two-day FOLLOW concert in Japan. They were also seen with Na PD and several of his staff members, prompting speculations that it’s for the Youth Over Flowers filming. 


As the clips circulate on social media, a tvN representative confirmed that the filming is indeed for Youth Over Flowers. 

“We ask for your understanding as we cannot provide specific details in order to ensure a safe and smooth filming process. We will provide more information as it becomes available,” they said. 

Additionally, producers of the show ask for the fans’ support. “If you encounter the SEVENTEEN members around the filming location, please pretend to not have seen them so they can enjoy the trip and film comfortably,” they said. 

SEVENTEEN x Youth Over Flowers

For those unfamiliar, Youth Over Flowers is a travel variety show wherein the staff tricked the cast members into spontaneous trips. 

It first premiered in 2014, with the last edition featuring K-pop group WINNER aired in 2017. This upcoming edition with SEVENTEEN will serve as the show’s return in more than five years. 

Interestingly, SEVENTEEN was the one who suggested having their own Youth Over Flowers series. During the group’s appearance in Na PD’s Youtube series The Game Caterers 2, the group listed down some of their wishes that they’d like the production staff to grant. 

Members Dino and Wonwoo wrote that they want the group to have their version of Youth Over Flowers. They said that the group hadn’t traveled for a vacation recently and that they were huge fans of the show. 

Out of the 60 empty wish coupons, DK was able to pick the coupon for said series. 

Given that the premise of the show is for members to go on an impromptu trip, PLEDIS Entertainment, the group’s agency, shared that they’re not aware of the schedule. 


Based on the clips on social media, the members also looked visibly surprised when they were strolling through the airport. 


According to some reports of fans, member Mingyu lost his passport at the airport. Some fans also claimed that Na PD even asked them to airdrop footage of the incident as it might be included in an episode of the show. 


The filming will reportedly take place in Rome, Italy. 

S.coups’ absence

While fans are already looking forward to how SEVENTEENs Youth Over Flowers will turn out, the fun was dimmed by the confirmation that not all members would be able to participate. 


S.coups, the group’s leader, had to miss the filming as he’s currently on hiatus. In early August, S.coups had an accident while filming. Although his surgery for his ACL injury was successful, his recovery is supposed to take a while.

However, S.coups flew to Japan to show support for the group’s concert in Tokyo Dome. During the second day, he even appeared onstage during encore to show support for his members. 

On social media, fans were sad to not have all 13 members participate. But they also know that S.coups had to focus on recovery. 

Meanwhile, it will also be Seungkwan’s first major variety film with SEVENTEEN following his return from hiatus.

As of writing, there’s no details yet about the airing of Youth Over Flowers. Stay tuned here for more updates.

Featured image: SEVENTEEN during the filming of ‘In The Soop’ 2. Credit: Facebook/SEVENTEEN