Bae Suzy is sharing some secrets about her successful career. The former Miss A member revealed how she chooses the new projects she works on.

Bae Suzy Shares Important Factor When Choosing The Right Projects

Harper’s Bazaar Korea has just unveiled stunning photos of Suzy for the cover of the magazine’s July 2023 issue. In the photo shoot, Suzy shows off elegant timepieces as Longines’ global ambassador.

In the accompanying interview, Suzy revealed her standards for choosing new projects.


It’s the character. Whether it’s instinctively or rationally, if I feel a sense of déjà vu with the character, I don’t think I’m drawn to them,” she said.

What’s most important depends on how much I’m able to understand that character,” Suzy continued.

“Strangely, there are some characters that keep weighing on my mind. When that happens, I tend to do them,” she concluded.

It certainly works for Bae Suzy who always works on critically-acclaimed TV shows and films. She previously worked on shows like Vagabond and Start-Up and her film Wonderland was screened at the 76th Cannes Film Festival.

Although Wonderland has not yet been released, fans got a preview of Suzy and Park Bo Gum’s chemistry at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards. The two actors served as co-hosts alongside Shin Dong Yup at the prestigious event. Bae Suzy and Park Bo Gum have served as co-hosts at the Baeksang Awards for several years and they clearly got along.

One of Suzy’s latest projects will also mean a reunion with a previous co-star. It was previously confirmed that Bae Suzy will reunite with Uncontrollably Fond co-star Kim Woo Bin in a new project. The actors will star in the upcoming fantasy romantic comedy All Your Wishes Come True which is being written by The Glory scribe Kim Eun Sook.

Suzy’s full interview will be featured in the July issue of Harper’s Bazaar Korea.