Jennie is hoping to join a celebrated variety show. The BLACKPINK member was recently mentioned by her friend in an episode of “Salon Drip”. In response, Jennie Kim pushed for a possible guest appearance on the YouTube series!

Shin Hyun Ji Shares BLACKPINK Jennie’s Adorable Runway Behavior

In a recent episode of “Salon Drip”, model Shin Hyun Ji was interviewed by host Jang Do Yeon. During the interview, Shin discussed what happened when she was chosen to close the run at the Chanel Fall-Winter 2023/24 Haute Couture Show in Paris in July. Although the model was nervous, she quickly noticed that her friend Jennie was in the front row of the audience.

Shin went on to share how the BLACKPINK member supported her during her runway walk.

“She can just sit there and watch the show with a normal expression,” she said. “But if I walk by, she will make all these cute and funny expressions while filming me.”

Not surprisingly, Jennie appreciated being mentioned on the YouTube show. She took to her Instagram account to share a Story which was a clip from the series. The BLACKPINK member made sure to tag Shin Hyun Ji and Jang Do Yeon in her post as well.

Let’s meet up and film another challenge soon bestie,” she wrote before tagging Shin. Jennie also had an interesting message for the host of “Salon Drip”.

“Unnie, when do I get an invite for ‘Salon Drip’?” Jennie wrote.

Jennie certainly would be the perfect guest for “Salon Drip” and BLINKS immediately wondered if Jang Do Yeon would decide to invite the idol. After all, it’s clear that the “Solo” singer is eager to make a guest appearance on the YouTube show.

For now, it has not yet been confirmed whether Jennie will make an appearance in an upcoming episode of “Salon Drip”. However, it would not be a surprise if an announcement will be made soon. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.